The Destruction of America
Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  AKA:   Communist Invasion Of America, Ruso-Chinese Invasion of America, World Invasion of America, The Fall of America
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This prophecy details a yet future invasion and conquering of America.  The parties involved are, as best is known at this time, Russia, China, Mexico, several unnamed South American nations, and a number of Jihadist/Muslim fighting groups.  It has been reported by some of the prophetical voices that it will begin with an internal revolution started by the communists (or any of several militant parties within the USA for that matter) following a severe weakening of the US.  This weakening will likely be the result of several other prophesied events including an economic crash, mega quake, or some other event that pretty much eviscerates America's ability to defend itself.

Some of the efforts to subjugate this nation will also come from within, from liberal and anti-American organizations, which will further reduce America's ability to defend itself.  Special technologies will also at some point be used to further neuter our defensive abilities, ultimately leading to our defeat.  The purpose of the invasion is not so much to conquer us, although that is one of the goals, but rather to spoil and ransack us and steal all of our resources.  IE, this will be wealth redistribution by gunpoint.  The two primary beneficiaries of this invasion are Russia and China.  Another of the primary goals of the invading armies is to wipe out most of the American population, to the tune of some 200+ million Americans as foreseen by a number of different people.

Those who are not killed during the invasion will either 1) be shipped off to FEMA concentration camps (for the belligerent and those deemed "troublemakers" or "dissidents"), 2) put under forced labor (slavery) to the conquerors, or 3) forced to live in one of eleven specially selected and highly over crowded "stack and pack" super cities where they can be easily controlled, monitored and exploited.  Anyone who resists this forced relocation and theft of riches will be killed and thrown into mass graves.  Any Americans who remain alive after this purging will be dirt por vassals of the United Nations, and America will forever be rendered a 3rd world nation.  This whole prophecy and all of its aspects are entirely conditional on America's repentance.  If she as a whole repents and turns back to God, He will restore the nation.  If not, then all of her freedoms and prosperity will be forever stripped away, never to return again and the nation itself will be forever destroyed.

So in short, if America does not repent, she will soon cease to be a nation and her people will be cast into exile and/or chains of bondage, and remain in desperate poverty and tyranny until the second coming of Christ.  On a small side note, a recent dream prophecy given to Shannon Johnson (aka Boldsojah4Christ) seems to pinpoint the approximate timeframe of this prophecy to be somewhere immediately after the rapture which may make this event part of the prophecy in Daniel 7:8 where three nations who are destroyed as a consequence of the rise of the AntiChrist.

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  F  A. A. Allen (69) 
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  P  Dana Coverstone  
  P  Henry Gruver (14) 
  IP  James Bailey (47) 
  P  Jeff Byerly  
  IP  Kenneth Hagin Sr. (44) 
  P  Last Days  
  P  Marty Breeden  
  PF  Michael Boldea (64) 
  P  Monique Bizet (26) 
  PF  Pastor TD Hale (34) 
  P  Perry Stone  
  P  Rick Wiles  
  P  Ricky Scaparo (15) 
  F  Shannon Johnson (13) 
  P  Stephen Hanson  
  D  Terry Bennett  
  P  Timothy Dixon (69) 
  PF  Timothy Dixon (24) 
  P  Timothy Dixon  
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