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 Prophecy:   The Destruction of America

 Name:   A. A. Allen

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 Type:   Vision  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Summary: There will be a lot of REALLY bad stuff coming to America, and it will come in waves, one right after another.
We are on the verge of the worst homelessness crisis in the entire history of th... - Report Link
The Multimillion-Dollar Payment to Kill American Democracy - Your America - Report Link
Democrats have been working on American 'decline by design' for 100 years: Cotto... - Report Link
Did Michigan Government and Universities Pave the Way for Konnech’s CCP-Linked... - Report Link
More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America - Report Link
From The East Coast To The West Coast, The U.S. Continues To Be Hit By An Endles... - Report Link
The Chinese Communist Party is executing their 17 Step Plan to Take Down America... - Report Link
RED ALERT: America’s military being GUTTED in preparation for Chinese military... - Report Link
US military getting weaker; Navy 'weak', Air Force even worse: Heritage - Report Link
China, Russia Believe Themselves at War With the West, Says Canada’s Military ... - Report Link
BREAKING: CCP Military Manufacturing Vaccines - Bioweapon Destroying Americans -... - Report Link
Analysts: U.S. Weapons Stockpiles at 'Dangerously Low Levels' - Report Link
America Is Turning Fascist — in the NEGATIVE Sense - The Stream - Report Link
Steve Forbes Says America is Getting Poorer as Recession Looms - Report Link
DAN BONGINO: Is the United States on the communist fast track? | Fox News - Report Link
A 'Significant Threat To National Security': China Has Been Embedding Scientists... - Report Link
This is How it Ends - Report Link
A Top Russian Official Quoted The Book Of Revelation To Describe What Will Soon ... - Report Link
State Police Get Expanded Power & Disarm Residents - YouTube - Report Link
Professor claims China has people in America's 'core inner circle' - Report Link
Rep. Tim Ryan: 'We Gotta Kill' MAGA 'Extremists' - Report Link
Ukraine War Is Depleting U.S. Ammunition Stockpiles, Sparking Pentagon Concern -... - Report Link
WOW: New IRS Training Now Includes Simulated Assault with Armed Agents on Suburb... - Report Link
If one could subsume and take over and corrupt the greater foreign power from wi... - Report Link
False Flag Exposed: Biden Regime Planning Civil War to Justify UN Troops to Occu... - Report Link
Criminalizing Opposition To The Regime Is How The Republic Ends - Report Link
Watch: Dems Openly Admit Gun Control Bill Will Confiscate Firearms In "Common Us... - Report Link
WE'VE BEEN HAD! Infrared Satellite Images Now Show China And Russia Preparing Fo... - Report Link
What Did We Wake Up To!? 'Red Dawn Scenario' Russia, China Pre-Staging Troops At... - Report Link
Biden's Economic Aide & Refugee Coordinator Told Americans To 'Welcome' And 'Und... - Report Link
Biden's New Policy Funds China's Military, Supports Slavery, Achieves Nothing ::... - Report Link
'The Biden Blitzkrieg': Destroying U.S. as fast as Nazis on meth - Report Link
RED ALERT: Russia and China planning simultaneous attack to ELIMINATE the United... - Report Link
Red Flag Gun Laws Set The Stage For Selective Disarmament Of Conservatives | Zer... - Report Link
The Sovietization of American Life › American Greatness - Report Link
‘Unprecedented Level Of Federal Overreach’: Governors Urge Biden to Rescind ... - Report Link
(VIDEO) America’s Slide to a Third World Country; Most of the Nation Will See ... - Report Link
FATAH: China’s troops trained in Canada against which country? | Toronto Sun - Report Link
Joe Rogan Warns About Taking Away Guns And ‘Leaving All The Power To The Gover... - Report Link
? China Planning to Invade U.S. !? | Dionichi - Report Link
Major US defense contractors maintain China ties despite increasing tensions | F... - Report Link
Survivors of communism warn about America's future: 'Americans became Soviet' th... - Report Link
The US Is Now Closer To A Dictatorship Than A Democratic Republic | ZeroHedge - Report Link
The Democrats are using Shadownet on the American people. Lara Logan - Report Link
CORTES: Welcome to Joe Biden's American Carnage. - Report Link
America is an Occupied Country | Wurzelroot - Report Link
Biden and Obama Work to Make America Into a Third World Sh**Hole - Report Link
NRA-ILA | U.S. House Bows to Biden, Passes Legislation to Cancel Your RIGHT to O... - Report Link
Warning for America: The Four Steps of Marxist Takeover Were Activated in 2020 - Report Link
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee unveils 'radical' gun control plan - YouTube - Report Link
Ideological Alignment Pushing America Toward Totalitarianism, Experts Warn - Report Link
As the last line of defense of the Republic seems to be crumbling… - American ... - Report Link
Would China and Russia Use the "Nuclear Option" on the US? - YouTube - Report Link
Charles Nenner Warns: "Civil War Cycle Is Heating Up In America" | Zer... - Report Link
U.S. Military Advantage Over Russia And China 'Eroding,' Pentagon Says... - Report Link
Eclipse warning: History shows America headed for judgment - Report Link
We are in The Middle of a Communist Revolution... - Rafael Rodriguez Jr. - Report Link
Blue Helmets to Supplant America’s Blue Line - Report Link
This Is The Insane Video China Just Put Out Showing It Attacking The U.S.  - Report Link
The Obama-Clinton Cloward-Piven baton - Report Link
From Iran To Cuba, Obama Is Forming Alliances With America’s Enemies - Report Link
Washington State Flies Chinese Communist Flag At State Capitol - Report Link
Top Russian Official Reveals Their Attack Plan on America - Report Link

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