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 Prophecy:   The Destruction of America

 Name:   James Bailey

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    In Progress  

 Summary of Prophecy or Relevant Text: 

When the dream started, I was looking for a way to earn some income. The first place I looked was the job market, but the only jobs I could find were driving transport vehicles. I saw different people driving these vehicles, but I realized I was not qualified to do that. So there were some jobs available, but not the kind I could do.

Then I had an idea to start my own mailing service, but I learned the government was soon going to be implementing major changes in the mailing system that was going to make my idea obsolete. So it was another dead end.

Then I was standing on my property, which was a 2,500-acre pine tree farm in a remote rural area. In real life, I don’t own anything like that. I had an idea to make money by harvesting the trees, but after looking at the trees, I realized they were only about ten feet tall, so they were too small to harvest. Then I remembered someone told me the cost of harvesting the trees had gotten so high that there was not much profit left after selling the wood. So it was another dead end.

Then I saw my brother-in-law sitting outside by the barn on my property. I walked over to him to ask what he was doing. He was holding a quarter in his hand and he had a silver dollar sitting on top of a box next to him. He said, “They keep doing everything they can to prop it up, but the value keeps going down, down, down.” I reached down to pick up the silver dollar as I told him, “I have a few of these too.”

Right at that moment, I heard two very loud explosions up in the sky. At first I thought it was thunder, but it was much louder and shorter than thunder, like a blast. It was very startling. When I first looked up into the sky, I could not see what it was because the barn blocked my view, but just moments after the explosions, off to the right side of the barn, I saw two large helicopters, like the CH-47 Chinook helicopters, both falling rapidly towards the ground with big trails of black smoke behind them. Chinook helicopters are used for transporting troops and cargo.

We knew all the aircrafts flying above us were from the United States military, so we were confused as to why two of them were shot down by other U.S. aircrafts. It made no sense. We saw where they crashed and it was only about a mile away from my farm, so we immediately ran towards the crash site to see if we could help any of the survivors. As we ran, we saw some of my neighbors who also heard the explosions and they were also running to the crash site to help the survivors.

We ran fast so it only took us a few minutes to get there, which is why we were amazed by what we saw. The whole area was already covered with at least twenty government vehicles and people wearing emergency uniforms, including some wearing Hazmat Suits for protection against hazardous materials. There was even a news reporter already set up next to his car with his microphone in his hand. We could clearly tell he was not happy to see us.

We knew there was no way these government people could have possibly arrived at this rural location as fast as they did. There just wasn’t enough time because the crash had just happened! The only explanation was they must have known ahead of time these aircrafts were going to crash and the exact location, which meant the whole event was planned. As the dream ended, I was shocked by the realization that something very sinister was happening within our own government.

Admin Note: Read the interpretation included with the link. It helps clarify some of this.

Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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