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 Prophecy:   The Judgment of the Media

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
A great shaking is coming to the news industry. Yes, and with this shaking, there will be proof of many scandals and false narratives- narratives that have stolen nations and brought fear to this Earth like never before. There will be proof of narratives that brought a pandemic (in order) to take more freedoms away, narratives to start unnecessary wars, and narratives to deceive the masses about what is really going on. Their walls are falling, and their narratives will no longer control the airwaves.
Press Panics Over Public's Ability To Dismiss Activist Narratives - Report Link
"We're Currently Watching The Collapse" Of The Daily Beast As 70% Of Unionized S... - Report Link
Online video adding to challenges for news firms: report - Insider Paper - Report Link
Hostage was held by Al Jazeera ‘journalist’ | World Israel News - Report Link
“I Can’t Sugarcoat It Anymore”: Will Lewis Bluntly Defends Washington Post... - Report Link
London's Evening Standard to Go Weekly After Racking Up Losses | - Report Link
Shirion Collective on X: "?? WATCH: Women’s Rights Activist EXPOSES Sociopathi... - Report Link
C-SPAN Viability Questioned With Google Decision | - Report Link
Ex-NY Times reporter issues warning on liberal media: 'Very dangerous' to go aga... - Report Link
DogeDesigner on X: "BREAKING: Reuters is dying. Website traffic has declined by ... - Report Link
Presenters begin discrimination case against BBC - Insider Paper - Report Link
Media Morphed From A Biased Industry Into Propagandists - Report Link
Junta-led Burkina Faso suspends BBC, Voice of America for two weeks - Insider Pa... - Report Link
Exclusive: All Things Considered, It's Time To Defund NPR - Report Link
EXPOSED: Several Wild and Wacky Social Media Posts from Woke NPR CEO Emerge Onli... - Report Link
NPR Senior Editor Uri Berliner's Bombshell Essay Reportedly Causing Internal 'Tu... - Report Link
George Soros is Buying Up Media Outlets to Run a National Propaganda Network - L... - Report Link
Netanyahu Vows To Close Al Jazeera 'Immediately' After Knesset Passes Controvers... - Report Link
Israeli government says it will ban Al Jazeera - Report Link
Globalists unleashing AI-powered control grid to END independent journalism and ... - Report Link
Nickelodeon was 'infiltrated' by PREDATORS, records reveal. Channel employed FIV... - Report Link
Gannett and McClatchy to drop The Associated Press. What does that mean? - Poynt... - Report Link
CNN’s Aaron Rodgers Hit Piece Proves Media Works For Dems - Report Link
‘Deadspin’ Sold, All Staffers Let Go - Report Link
CPAC Enforces New Rule Barring Left-Wing Journalists | - Report Link
BuzzFeed sells Complex for $108 million, announces job cuts - Report Link
Florida Bill Would Help Left Sue Conservative Media Into Oblivion - Report Link
Nolte: Doomed CNN Forced to ‘Dramatically’ Slash Anchor Salaries - Report Link
Left-Wing Outlet Panics Over Growing 'Conservatism' In the U.S. - Report Link
George Soros poised to control Audacy - Report Link
How The Media Are Lying Now: Schumer Mounts The NYT Edition - Report Link
Popular Liberal Media Outlet Abruptly Shuts Down - Report Link
News startup The Messenger shuts down after pricey launch | Semafor - Report Link
Please enjoy this video of Taylor Lorenz freaking out cuz mainstream media is dy... - Report Link
Mass Layoffs Rock LA Times: Over 100 Staff Cut, Affecting a Quarter of the News ... - Report Link
Two More Editors at the LA Times Quit, California Dems Beg the Owner to Keep Wri... - Report Link
Sports Illustrated Lays Off Almost Entire Staff in Bombshell Letter - Report Link
The Washington Post Lost A Staggering Amount Of Money In 2023 Alone - Report Link
Hemingway: CNN Censorship Of Trump Is An Attack On The American People - Report Link
Reuters, AP Reporters Watched Hamas Lynchings, Kidnappings, Rapings and Urged Ci... - Report Link
Leaked Documents Reveal Top Democrat Megadonors Funded Media Matters | The Gatew... - Report Link
Media Outlets Bury Revelation That Epstein Accuser Retracted Trump Allegations - Report Link
DHS to use AI to target and discriminate against internet users and reroute traf... - Report Link
NewsNation Sees Ratings Declines After GOP Debate | - Report Link
Media Panic At Kash Patel's Plans To Hold Them Liable For Russia Hoax - Report Link
Corrupt Media Have Bigger Things To Fix Than Fox News - Report Link
GORGEOUS! Massive Layoffs Underway at CONDE NAST Including The New Yorker, Vanit... - Report Link
AP and Reuters: Up to Their Old Tricks on Oct. 7 - The American Spectator | USA ... - Report Link
NYT, ABC, CBS, & Rolling Stone All Fail to Get Their Sandmann's Libel Suits Dism... - Report Link
Elon Musk's X files suit against Media Matters, alleging defamation over antisem... - Report Link
Texas Attorney General opens investigation into Media Matters for “potential f... - Report Link
Truth Social Company Sues Media Outlets For Defamation - Report Link
Al Jazeera host grills mother of Hamas hostage about Israeli politics | World Is... - Report Link
BBC News issues on-air apology for false claim Israel targeting staff and ‘Ara... - Report Link
Coverage of Israel war exposes news media bias, relationships with Hamas | Just ... - Report Link
Media Love Republicans Like Haley Who Are No Threat To Them - Report Link
BREAKING: Far-Left CNN Officially Closes Its World News Headquarters in Atlanta ... - Report Link
CNN Issues Humiliating Correction, Admits to Unquestioningly Parroting Terrorist... - Report Link
At NYT, Praising Hitler Is Fine But Publishing Tom Cotton Is Unforgivable - Report Link
Poll: Record Number Of Americans Lost All Trust In Media - Report Link
Chaos Unfolds On Air as MSNBC Host Asks Grieving Israeli Mother to Pity Hamas - ... - Report Link
BREAKING: Washington Post to cut 240 positions as Americans turn away from corpo... - Report Link
Social media traffic to top news sites craters - Report Link
Media Do Biden's Bidding By Blocking GOP Impeachment Inquiry - Report Link
Trudeau gov’t admits mainstream media bailouts aren't enough to save failing i... - Report Link
Strike Deadline Nears to Produce New Fall TV Shows | - Report Link
It was all a HOAX: Over 80 Canadian Christian Churches burned down over a two-ye... - Report Link
Journalism Is 'Most Regretted' Major As Trust In Big Media Sinks - Report Link
More Layoffs Hit Fake News Washington Post | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greys... - Report Link
Fox's Debate Ratings Disaster: 50% Drop Since 2016 Election | - Report Link
Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Sees Profits Plummet by Colossal 75 Percent - Report Link
Small Media Upstart 'NewsNation' Beats Goliath CNN in Ratings | The Gateway Pund... - Report Link
Mass revolt as 2.8million claim they don't need to pay BBC licence fee | Daily M... - Report Link
Washington Post set to lose '$100 million in 2023' one decade after Jeff Bezos b... - Report Link
Fox offers 100% donation match to Satanic Temple, Planned Parenthood , SPLC for ... - Report Link
Fox News begins 'company-wide layoffs' - Conservative Institute - Report Link
Fox News Looking For Answers About How To Stop Ratings Slide – Liberty One New... - Report Link
Rumored CNN Sale to Ex-CEO Jeff Zucker Could Put the Network Under Foreign Influ... - Report Link
Slavery Investigation Backfires on Mainstream Media - Every Living President Exc... - Report Link
"Basically Over Without Tucker" - Fox News in Turmoil as its Popular Streaming S... - Report Link
Megyn Kelly Unloads on the BLOODBATH at Fox News Post-Tucker: 'They've Lost Almo... - Report Link
BBC Faces Allegations Its Own Factcheckers Are Spreading Disinformation - Report Link
BREAKING: Leaked docs reveal Fox News wants employees to learn about ‘glory ho... - Report Link
BREAKING: Fox News promotes 'glory holes', child sterilization to employees, lea... - Report Link
Matt Walsh on Twitter: "?1/ BREAKING: We've obtained internal docs from @FoxNews... - Report Link
Tucker's Attorney Harmeet Dhillon Refuses to Go on Fox News Until Network 'Stops... - Report Link
The Drama At CNN Shows The Impossibility Of Fixing The Media - Report Link
Los Angeles Times Cutting More Than 10 Percent of Newsroom - Report Link
RFK Jr. Says Fox News Didn’t Run Negative Vaccine Stories to Keep Big Pharma A... - Report Link
Fox News Implements Shocking Word Ban for Employees, On-Air Hosts - Headline USA - Report Link
Jashinsky On Rapid Decline Of Corporate Media - Report Link
Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Now View Media “The Enemy of the People” – ... - Report Link
Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology - Report Link
It's Open Rebellion at CNN as Anchors, Staffers Praise Christiane Amanpour's Bli... - Report Link
Gov. Abbott Demands Answers From Dominion Over Tucker Carlson’s Exit From Fox ... - Report Link
Another Leftist News Outlet Will Shutter Its Doors After 36 Years, Resulting in ... - Report Link
CNBC Cuts Ties With Anchor Whose Sexual Harassment Complaint Ousted CEO - Report Link
Not Even Junk Polls Can Hide The Public's Disrust In Media - Report Link
Worldview with Amir Tsarfati: There Is No Media Left In Israel… Only Propagand... - Report Link
BREAKING: Far-Left Vice Preparing to File For Bankruptcy | The Gateway Pundit | ... - Report Link
ABC News Cuts Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vaccine Remarks Out of Interview - Report Link
Tucker Carlson's Departure Signals Corporate Media's End - Report Link
How the Left Tried to Ruin Tucker Carlson Before his Fox Exit, with Glenn Beck a... - Report Link
‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Replacement Drops in Key Age Demo Ratings on First ... - Report Link
Outraged patriots cancel Fox Nation subscriptions in droves in wake of Tucker ne... - Report Link
People cancel Fox Nation subscriptions after Carlson news - TheBlaze - Report Link
Steve Bannon: "No One Should Watch FOX. Just Take the Clicker and Cut it Off. Th... - Report Link
Americans’ Trust in Media Falls to Record Low - Report Link
Look What Happened to Fox News' Stock Right After They Announced Tucker Carlson'... - Report Link
BuzzFeed News Is Shutting Down - Report Link
Paul Sperry on Twitter: "BREAKING: Ex-Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith now admits he kn... - Report Link
Dan Bongino Exits Fox News, Effective Immediately - Report Link
PolitiFact Slammed on Twitter for Begrudgingly Admitting DeSantis Was Right Abou... - Report Link
BREAKING: The New York Times STRIPPED of Twitter verification | The Post Millenn... - Report Link
Former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg calls the network a 'big corporate machi... - Report Link
NPR cancels 4 podcasts amid major layoffs : NPR - Report Link
NPR Cuts Roughly 10 Percent of Workforce Amid ‘Darkened’ Financial Outlook - Report Link
New York Times Staffers Reveal "Maoist Struggle Sessions" and Woke Purges In New... - Report Link
FOX News Launches 'Silent Ban' on President Trump - Daytime FOX Ignores Trump's ... - Report Link
Republicans Only Win When They Cut Off Corrupt Corporate Media - Report Link
NPR to cut jobs by 10% as ad revenue drops : NPR - Report Link
AT&T Loses $10 Billion in Value After Deplatforming Newsmax from Direct TV - Use... - Report Link
GOP Sens Demand Answers From DirecTV For Nuking Newsmax - Report Link
"One Lie After The Next": CNN Ratings Hit 9-Year Lows After Reputational Suicide... - Report Link
Stunning cable news ratings reveal crisis-level decline of CNN and jaw-dropping ... - Report Link
Ratings Implosion: CNN’s Entire Primetime Lineup Fails to Equal the Audience o... - Report Link
Russian Bots Story Shows Media's 'Lie Then Quietly Backtrack' MO - Report Link
“Legacy media SHOULD WORRY”: Elon Musk warns MSM the time for honoring itsel... - Report Link
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach pulled from 'GMA' as ABC execs probe scandal - Report Link
The Good Morning America Scandal Amy Robach Wants You To Forget - Report Link
The Good Morning America cheating scandal — and why fans are delighted - Vox - Report Link
We Now Know Why NPR Called Hunter Biden's Laptop a 'Non-Story' - Report Link
Liberal networks previously unbothered by Twitter censorship cry foul over Musk ... - Report Link
Newsrooms are scrambling to counter Elon Musk's bans | Semafor - Report Link
All Hell Breaks Loose When The Washington Post Executives Announced Layoffs Duri... - Report Link
Hardly Anyone Cares About New York Times Strike As Tens Of People Watch Livestre... - Report Link
Scandal: Cameras Catch ABC Hosts Groping in Public, Deserting Families at Christ... - Report Link
Judge Rules Trump Ally Devin Nunes Can Sue NBC Universal for Defamation - Report Link
George Floyd Psy-op About to be Exposed: Journalist Maryam Henein - The New Amer... - Report Link
FOX News Tells Trump Supporters to GET LOST! Network Boycotts Coverage of Trump ... - Report Link
CNN boss Chris Licht confirmed the network WILL face layoffs as others prepare f... - Report Link
Americans Rightly Identify Media As Democracy's Biggest Threat - Report Link
Hey Jim Acosta! The time for honoring yourself at CNN will soon be at an END! ... - Report Link
Dear Diary: Another CNN star is reportedly about to get canned because, per Disc... - Report Link
AP Fabricates "Completely False Story" To Smear DeSantis, Then Deletes | ZeroHed... - Report Link
Jim Sciutto takes leave of absence after CNN ordered him to 'address a personal ... - Report Link
Uh-Oh: CNN Just Fired More Employees - Report Link
BBC to cut hundreds of jobs at World Service - Insider Paper - Report Link
New York weatherman fired after webcam sex tape leaked to news network, mother |... - Report Link
Emmy Ratings Hit Record Low, Viewership Falls 25% - Variety - Report Link
Another news reporter drops to the floor mid sentence live on air. - Report Link
CNN anchor Bernard Shaw dead at 82 - CNN - Report Link
Anderson Cooper's Secret Deposition: CNN Anchor Admits He Doesn’t Fact-Check N... - Report Link
John Harwood Leaves CNN, White House Correspondent Was Trump Critic – The Holl... - Report Link
Longtime news analyst Bill Crane fired after calling Trump 'Orange Face' on TV |... - Report Link
Fox News Runs Hit Piece Claiming FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago Was 'Justified' - Why Do... - Report Link
NEW: Jeffrey 'Zoomin' Toobin Out at CNN - Report Link
REVEALED: CNN, CNBC, AP Met With Chinese Communist Party Propagandists in July. - Report Link
Ingraham: CNN accidentally exposes the fraud of critical race theory - YouTube - Report Link
BBC bosses have received more than 200 complaints of racism, bullying and sexual... - Report Link
Top ‘Fact Checker’ USA Today Forced to Delete Articles Over Fabricated Sourc... - Report Link
PRIME TIME DISAPPOINTMENT: CNN Ratings Crater, Only 500K Viewers During Prime Ti... - Report Link
FOX News Won't Allow Mention of "2000 Mules" on Their Channel -- Publishes Fraud... - Report Link
Game Over: Shareholders Demand Notorious Leftist Outlet Shut Down Its Entire New... - Report Link
CBS News Crushed After Posting Glaringly Obvious Pro-Biden Propaganda | The Cape... - Report Link
Western Media is Literally Peddling Neo-Nazi Propaganda to Prompt War Between Ru... - Report Link
Megyn Kelly On Unfolding Scandal At CNN: 'Mark My Words, There Are More Shoes To... - Report Link
"She Is Not The Mother" -- CNN Corrects Story After Raising $230K For Woman - Report Link
‘Anti-Woke’ News Network Has Zero Viewers After Host Takes BLM Knee - Report Link
Desperate for Attention? CNN Anchor Eats Dead Bugs on Live Television - Report Link
Federal judge accuses NY Times, WaPo of being 'Democratic Party broadsheets' | T... - Report Link
PBS lawyer resigns after being caught in Veritas sting - Report Link
New York Times Admits To Running With Made Up Story - Report Link
Does CNN--finally--need to have its broadcast license suspended or pulled? - Report Link
Report: Newsmax CEO Donates $1 Million to Clinton Foundation - Report Link
ESPN To Make Sweeping Layoffs In Effort To Save "Tens Of Millions" In Salaries |... - Report Link
Federal Judge Allows Sarah Palin's Lawsuit Against The NYT To Proceed - Report Link
Travis: ESPN Ratings Hit Lowest Mark in History as 'Wokecenter on Steroids Takes... - Report Link
The Atlantic laying off nearly 20 percent of staff | TheHill - Report Link
Vice Fires 155 Journalists In Latest Round Of Layoffs | Zero Hedge - Report Link
Newspaper giant McClatchy files for bankruptcy - Report Link
Media Lawyer Explains Why CNN Settlement in Libel Case Is a Big Deal - Report Link
Megyn Kelly on Instagram: "BREAKING NEWS" - Congress cracking down on ... - Report Link
War erupts between CNN and ABC over faking news - WND - Report Link
Media layoffs: 7,200 jobs cut at CNN, BuzzFeed, newspapers, and more - Business ... - Report Link
Another blow for CNN as they're set to lose their airport monopoly | Daily ... - Report Link
Hannity: CNN leading the collapse of liberal media - YouTube - Report Link
Death spiral: Major news network in ratings collapse - WND - Report Link
After Calling It a Crazy Rumor, CNN Just Laid off Most of a News Division - Report Link
Dems, CNN don't care if Philly kids sing about chopping heads off - Report Link
BREAKING Report Reveals CNN Has Ties To Islamic Terrorist Regime - enVolve - Report Link
CNN 'Journalist of The Year' Fabricated Anti-Trump Stories, Pushed Pro... - Report Link
Newsweek Couldn't Pay Its Rent on Time and Faced Eviction - Report Link
The media are killing themselves with botched anti-Trump reporting | New York Po... - Report Link
Rapidly accelerating 40 year long collapse in trust for US mass media. - Report Link
New York Times: Turns Out ‘17 Intelligence Agencies’ Was Fake News - Report Link
Sarah Palin sues NY Times over editorial tying her to Giffords shooting - Report Link
CNN faced $100M lawsuit over botched Russia story - Report Link
Will a Judge's Ruling Against CNN Make It Easier to Sue the Media? | Hollywood R... - Report Link

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