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 Prophecy:   The Judgement of Hollywood

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
Alec Baldwin: I say this name will again be in your news. Great exposures will take him down once and for all. No matter who he is connected to, it will not stop the truth from coming out, and there definitely is more to come, saith the Lord.


Alec Baldwin, you thought you were in the clear. But you are not. You will be caught, not only with the death on your movie set, but the lifestyle you hid from the world. Your computer has secrets on it, and you tried to destroy it. But My people already have all the information they need to take you down. Epstein you were connected to. The child trafficking you were connected to. Your lifestyle is disgusting and evil, and you will be exposed for who you always have been. You were given time to repent. Your brother has been praying for you. You refused me, and refused to repent. Now judgment will hit you in ways you never imagined. You will lose everything you hold dear to you. Alex, your time has come to be judged by Me, sayeth the Lord.


I told you before, My children, the truth regarding Alec Baldwin and what happened on that set will not stay hidden. Not only will I expose this death but also the many that have been covered up by Hollywood, the establishment, and the globalists. They thought they had covered their tracks and that no one would ever know the truth, but I am exposing each murder, and justice will be served to all of them.
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