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 Prophecy:   The Judgment of Disney

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
A major propaganda machine is about to take yet another hit, but this time they will not recover from it. Disney will fall to new lows. They have been caught in a major scandal, and the world will no longer let them hide things under the rug or let them continue on their way. There will be many more companies to follow. The walls of Jericho have started to collapse.
Disney Call to Narrow DeSantis Lawsuit Denied | - Report Link
Walt Disney Company Share Value Drops to a 9-Year Low | The Epoch Times - Report Link
Disney Disappears It’s Own Audience After Disappearing Marriage - Report Link
Disney + Streaming Service Lost More Than 300,000 Domestic Subscribers In Previo... - Report Link
Florida judge rules against Disney in feud with DeSantis - Report Link
Where Is Everyone? Disney World "Just About Empty" | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Pure Evil. Latest Disney Production Is Cartoon About a Girl Who Inherits a Ritua... - Report Link
Disney Dealt Another Major Blow Amid Backlash: 'A Losing Trade' | ZeroHedge - Report Link
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Duffy-Alfonso: Disney Destroyed Its Brand - Report Link
Disney lost nearly $900 million at box office last 8 movies - TheBlaze - Report Link
Disney Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton Quits After Pair Of Box Office Bo... - Report Link
Florida Sheriff Details Arrests of Several Disney Employees What Happens Next Is... - Report Link
Disney Proves DeSantis’ Point By Going After Military Guests - Report Link
Disney Sacrifices Childhood Innocence For Adult Sexual Fantasies - Report Link
Nolte: Disney Groomers Face Another Potential Flop with Pixar’s ‘Elemental... - Report Link
Another Round of Layoffs for Disney, and Ron DeSantis Cannot Be Blamed This Time... - Report Link
20-Yr Disney Employee, Father-of-Two, Arrested On Child Porn Charges After Photo... - Report Link
DeSantis will move to nullify Disney deal that stripped his power | Daily Mail O... - Report Link
Disney Will Dismiss Large Chunk Of Entertainment Staffers Next Week: Report | Th... - Report Link
Moment 45ft tall fire-breathing Disneyland dragon bursts into flames during dail... - Report Link
Disney to cut 'thousands' of jobs amid more layoffs: reports - Report Link
Those Claiming Disney 'Outmaneuvered' DeSantis Move Goalposts - Report Link
ESPN layoffs to start as Disney cuts costs - Report Link
Disney+ Star Pushing for Transgender Princes, Princesses in New Movies – Faith... - Report Link
Disney Lost over a Quarter of a Billion Dollars in 2022 from Two Woke Movies - Report Link
Disneyland launches 'Pride Nite' amid Bob Iger's ongoing war with Ron DeSantis i... - Report Link
Disney's financial fairy tale is coming to an end thanks to DeSantis - Report Link
Governor suggests toll roads to Disney, tax on hotels - Report Link
Disney Goes Woke With Lyrics In New ‘Little Mermaid’ Songs | The Daily Wire - Report Link
DeSantis Vows Response After Disney’s Latest Action: ‘Rest Assured, You Ain... - Report Link
DeSantis Vows Response After Disney’s Latest Action: ‘Rest Assured, You Ain... - Report Link
Disney Begins 7000 Job Cuts After String Of Theatrical Failures | ZeroHedge - Report Link
‘Woke’ Disney to lay off thousands, orders managers to compile list of emplo... - Report Link
Nolte: Disney CEO Bob Iger Calls for Fewer Sequels as Marvel and ’Star Wars’... - Report Link
"Cruel Month" at Woke Disney Follows a Dismal Year - Layoffs, Subscriber Loss, a... - Report Link
Drollinger: Disney's Downfall Is No Surprise - Businesses Must Not Defy God's Es... - Report Link
The Walt Disney Company Surveys Disney World Guests On Sexual Orientation, Gende... - Report Link
Dave Hollis Dead: Former Disney Head of Worldwide Distribution Was 47 – The Ho... - Report Link
GET WOKE GO BROKE: Disney Slashing Up To 7,000 Jobs - Report Link
Disney announces 7,000 layoffs while teasing Toy Story and Frozen sequels | Walt... - Report Link
Demonic Disney Lost $123 BILLION in Market Value for 2022, Proving Again That Go... - Report Link
Disney Facing Updated Lawsuit From More Employees Fired Over Refusing Masks, COV... - Report Link
Go Woke, Go Broke: Disney May Be Forced to Dump 'Cash Cow' Asset - Report - Report Link
Disney Sued by Investor Claiming Company's Fight with DeSantis over Florida's An... - Report Link
Disney employees welcomed on a cultural journey with ‘merman’ named Geo Nept... - Report Link
Get Woke, Go Broke: Disney's LGBT Kid's Film 'Strange World' Projected To Lose $... - Report Link
WATCH: Kids carry Disney's holiday message: 'We love you Satan' - Report Link
Box Office: Disney's 'Strange World' Bombing - Variety - Report Link
Disney Needs To Get Rid Of More Than Its CEO - Report Link
BREAKING: Woke Disney Has Worst Day On The Stock Market In 21 Years - Report Link
Leaked Memo Reveals 'Woke' Disney Teetering on Brink of Financial Collapse - New... - Report Link
Get Woke, Go Broke: Disney to Begin Mass Layoffs and Freeze Hiring as Part of a ... - Report Link
Tragic Kingdom: Disney Shares Plummet to Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade as Conc... - Report Link
Desperate Disney now trying to 'limit damage' from its woke LGBT activism - Report Link
Hocus Pocus: Do You Still Want Your Children To Love Disney? - Report Link
Disney Cancels New Release of "Little Demon" About a Woman Impregnated by Satan ... - Report Link
Disney Aims More Propaganda At Kids With 'DWTS' Drag Queen - Report Link
More Disney Employees Arrested in Latest Florida Child Sex Sting: Polk County Sh... - Report Link
Ron Logan Dead: Exec Brought Disney ‘Beauty And The Beast’ To Broadway – D... - Report Link
Magic Kingdom Is a Ghost Town as Crowds Vanish From Walt Disney World - Inside t... - Report Link
Families Don't Need Disney Anymore. Does Disney Need Them? - Report Link
Disney's wokeness only allows for activist investors to take control - Report Link
Disneyland Removes Walt Disney's Speech Celebrating America - Todd Starnes - Report Link
Disney's Woke Agenda Continues- First Out Trans Character Will Debut on The Disn... - Report Link
Disney Goes Woke Again, Pushes Senate to Codify Gay Marriage into Federal Law - Report Link
Disney Plus adds R-rated movies to streaming platform | Entertainment News - Report Link
Disney Caves Again to Far Left: Hulu Will Now Run Democrats' Abortion, Gun Contr... - Report Link
Disneyland Employee ARRESTED - YouTube - Report Link
Disney ditches 'fairy godmothers' for gender neutral titles - Report Link
Former Disney Employees File Lawsuit Claiming Company Violated Their Religious B... - Report Link
Disney-Owned Marvel Unveils Gay Version of Popular Superhero – Faithwire - Report Link
Disney Funded GLSEN, and LGBTQ Foundation, Launches Another Push To Infiltrate S... - Report Link
In 'Baymax,' Disney Keeps Pummeling Kids With Its Sexual Agenda - Report Link
Disney Aborting Itself: Approval Already Dropped 40 Points, Now They're Offering... - Report Link
Disney Ousts Executive Who Bashed Florida’s Anti-Grooming Law - Report Link
Upset Guests Call Disney "Hell" and a "Waste of Money" - Inside the Magic - Report Link
Disney Releases LGBTQ Pride-Themed Toys Marketed to Children - Report Link
BACKER: Disney Broke The Deal, And They’ll Pay For It | The Daily Caller - Report Link
Parents beware of Disney's 'Lightyear' corrupting children | Voice - Report Link
Why Josh Hawley has introduced new anti-Disney legislation - Report Link
Disney's corporate affairs head, Morrell, to leave company - Report Link
New Poll Shows 68% of Americans Are "Less Likely" to Do Business with Disney Fol... - Report Link
Netflix and Disney, are cracking due to self-inflicted wounds - Latest News - Mi... - Report Link
FL Governor Takes Aim at Disney's 'Self-Governing' Status ? DeSantis is once aga... - Report Link
Disney's "not-at-all-secret gay agenda" appears to be backfiring – HotAir - Report Link
Disney’s Networks Will Air PSA Featuring Transgender Child - Report Link
Christopher Rufo Exposes Why Demonic Disney Is so Obsessed With Grooming Kids, a... - Report Link
'Get back to business': Disney shareholder blasts company for wasting shareholde... - Report Link
Daily Wire Taking Disney Head on, Investing $100 Million in Children's Programmi... - Report Link
Leaked Disney Meeting Exposes Insane Gender Plan for Parks & Films | DM CLIPS | ... - Report Link
Disney exposed: Leaked videos show officials pushing LGBT agenda, saying DeSanti... - Report Link
Woke Mutiny: Disney Employees Protest to Force Company to Oppose Anti-Grooming L... - Report Link
Disney accused by activist shareholder of 'complicity in China genocide' | Fox B... - Report Link

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