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 Prophecy:   The Blessing of the Obedient and Cursing of the Disobedient

 Name:   Kent Christmas

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 Type:   Prophecy  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
Starting at 31s: I'm going to begin to loose natural disasters, says the Lord, around the Earth. But, even as it was in Egypt, where disaster hit, it did not touch Goshen, so shall it be in this hour. For on one side of the street, buildings will fall, and on the other side of the street there will be no sign of any judgment. Because the righteousness will not be judged, said God.

Starting at 1:23m: I'm going to begin to touch cities, and I'm going to begin to remove strongholds, and idols, that have exalted sin, and said "We snub our nose at the righteousness of God." From Las Vegas, to New Orleans Louisiana, and all over in Orlando, Florida, says God. But not just in this nation, but in nations around the world. And it's going to be done by natural means that the wicked will not be able to point their finger at the church and say, "You did this!" But no man will have the explanation, for the wicked will stand astounded, and say, "How did this happen?" If even scientists and seismologists will have no warning of that which is going to take place because I AM GOD.

Admin Note: Some elements of this prophecy, such as weather, natural disasters, and such, can be found on other prophecies. So, even if they aren't listed here, which is more target focused towards the blessing and cursing of cities, those are happening as well.
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