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 Prophecy:   The Shaking of the Trucking Industry

 Name:   Timothy Dixon

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 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
We was passing by this particular distribution center, that is a very big distribution center, in a lot of different areas, and we looked up at the warehouse, and you could see where that one of the roll-up doors had been drove into, like a vehicle had drove into it, breaking inside the warehouse, and I i was looking inside the warehouse like I was observing what was going on at this point, and not really that I was standing in the warehouse. But I was able to see everything that had took place, with every different point, and there inside this distribution center there was different varieties of different foods and condiments that was being used. All the food there had been ravished. Somebody had broke in and took, but yet there was not a lot in there know-how, because there was such a shortage; such a huge shortage in food everywhere across the United States. And I knew that, in my dream, they things had purposely happened to destroy, and to weaken America. I'd seen that there was a chicken farm, and it was like 200,000 chickens that had come down with a biological disease. But I knew that this was not something that was normally amongst the diseases that chickens can get sometimes.

But rather it was being planted deliberately for the destruction of these of our food line. This particular virus was being spread out, and even among the cattle, and they was being infected. There was a big huge cattle company that's in Arizona, right there in the Phoenix area that was affected, and the meat, and the cattle was just dying, and there was all kinds of contaminations that was being found inside the food. The beef was being recalled. There were people getting sick from different things. They were things being recalled; the cattle, and in various different places throughout the United States. There was deliberate sabotages happening in several different food chains that's distributed out through the United Statesl. And I seen also that there was some vegetables that was coming out of Mexico, and they're coming into the McCallen, Texas area, and that they was contaminated; different parts, but there was all kinds of things that was taking place that was destroying our food, and our food sources.

I seen them (truckers) praying. I seen a people praying that are not your regular "go to church people", but they loved the Lord with all their hearts, and they were praying, asking the Lord to have mercy on America, have mercy on our country. And there was a very, very strong deployment, if I could put it that way, that we were being attacked, that we were being attacked, to destroy our country, and we knew that this was something that was taking place everywhere that you went. It's like you could we could go from place to place everyone knew something was wrong something was going on some people did not know but there was a lot of people that that did recognize something was going on in America with with our food and the different ways it's distributed. But it had affected the truckers and by that I saw a very big problem in getting the food truck from place to place and moving the food around.

Admin Note: I'm marking this fulfilled. However, not all of the proofs for this are listed here. There are other complimentary proofs available on the "Famine in the Midst of Plenty" prophecy and its sources, so you can look there for another side of this same event.

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