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 Prophecy:   Mega Banks Collapse

 Name:   Julie Green

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary or Prophecy Text
There's a great shaking coming to the banking systems all over this world like no one has ever seen or experienced before. The banks that have been holding you hostage will hold you no more. Every elite that was manipulating the system will not only be exposed but will be judged for their financial hold over you. I, the Lord, have seen and heard their plans. They are dirty deals set up against not only My children to keep them captive but also against every person in this world.

Again, I say the banking system of this world will be destroyed completely, and a new one will be reborn. I will put in place the financial system that was always meant to be in this world that your enemies cheated you out of for centuries. Yes, they put a system in this world without Me in it, just like Nimrod, so that they could control the masses. This beast system controls your every walk of life, and I, The Great I AM, am ripping it apart and destroying all that is left of this system, never to have its hold over My body to this degree again. They will try another one in the Tribulation, but My children, you will not have to take part in that because I am delivering you from their control. The Great Tribulation is not yet, and it is not for you, children of Almighty God.
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