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Posted On December 16th, 2018


Who was Kim Clement? Many have called him prophet, but to simply call him a prophet is not even enough. Part of the journey to understanding Kim Clement is a lesson in understanding the uniqueness of his destiny. He was not a doom and gloom prophet with an apocalyptic forecast every three years; instead, he was a voice of hope to those who needed it the most. He was able to paint a picture of destiny that inspires instead of frightens those who catch a glimpse. He found a way to define again what it is to be a true prophet. He, along with his wife Jane was the founder of the House of Destiny church.

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  Prophecies: 37 - Sources: 52 
A Worldwide Pre-Tribulation "End of Age" Harvest and Revival -  Source 1 
America and Israel Will Become Oil Super Powers -  Source 1 
Another Snowden Will Arise -  Source 1 
Donald Trump Will Become President Twice -  Source 1 
Gas below a dollar, and the judgment of OPEC -  Source 1   Source 2 
Great Exposures Shall Abound -  Source 1 
Great Floods Coming To The Earth -  Source 1 
Kushner will broker peace -  Source 1 
Major Biblical Discoveries Will Be Made -  Source 1 
Mega Banks Collapse -  Source 1   Source 2 
Miraculous Cures For Many Diseases Revealed -  Source 1   Source 2   Source 3 
New Energy Sources Will Arise -  Source 1   Source 2   Source 3 
Potential Future Sources, Proofs, and Teachings -  Source 1 
Prophecies of the Koreas -  Source 1   Source 2   Source 3 
Rise of Q and the QAnon movement -  Source 1 
Seven Years of Grace for America -  Source 1 
The Fall of the UN -  Source 1   Source 2   Source 3 
The Humbling and Judgment of Russia -  Source 1   Source 2 
The Humbling and Revival of China -  Source 1 
The Impeachement of Donald Trump -  Source 1 
The News Media Will Begin To Agree With Trump -  Source 1 
The Prophecies of Bill Gates -  Source 1 
The Prophecies of Ireland -  Source 1 
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