Mark Taylor
Posted On November 6th, 2018

Mark Taylor is a retired firefighter and author of "The Trump Prophesies".

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  Prophecies: 26 - Sources: 30 
Abortion Will End -  Source 1 
America and Israel Will Become Oil Super Powers -  Source 1   Source 2 
America and Israel Will Become The Best Of Friends -  Source 1 
Arrest and Death of El Chapo -  Source 1 
Donald Trump Will Become President Twice -  Source 1 
Five Presidents Shall Fall -  Source 1 
Gas below a dollar, and the judgment of OPEC -  Source 1 
God will use Trump to shake up America's enemies -  Source 1 
Major Biblical Discoveries Will Be Made -  Source 1 
Massive Exodus of People From America -  Source 1 
New Energy Sources Will Arise -  Source 1   Source 2 
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