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 Prophecy:   The News Media Will Begin To Agree With Trump

 Name:   Mark Taylor

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the Spirit of God.
"Trump Was Right": Jake Tapper Admits Biden Lied About Hunter 'Making Fortune In... - Report Link
Jake Tapper Stuns CNN’s Audience: “Trump was right and Joe Biden was wrong... - Report Link
WATCH: Megyn Kelly Says The Feud Between Her And President Trump Is Over - 'It W... - Report Link
CNN Turns On Joe Biden, Shows That 74% Say America Is On The 'Wrong Track' (Vide... - Report Link
Naomi Wolf Pens Apology Letter After Major Jan. 6 Revelation: 'I Am So Sorry' - Report Link
WaPo Reviews 'Every Possible Regulatory Change' Made Under Trump - Report Link
Buttigieg Isn’t in a Position to Be Much Help - The Washington Post - Report Link
WATCH: CNN Hosts Are Stunned By Skyrocketing Inflation Under Biden; "You're Feel... - Report Link
Trump Was Right On Tariffs, And Biden Knows It - Report Link
I was wrong about Trump - American Thinker - Report Link
NY Times columnist admits he was 'wrong' about Trump's supporters, says Russian ... - Report Link
THE PATRIOT-WELCOME: The Regime Media’s Quandary: By Exposing Joe Biden As A C... - Report Link
'Yet again Donald Trump was right' - YouTube - Report Link
Biden Administration Flounders As AP Reporter Accuses Him Of Taking Credit For T... - Report Link
The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time - Report Link
New York Post, Washington Examiner Endorse Trump For Reelection | The Daily Call... - Report Link
Former FBI Agent and CNN Analyst Changes His Mind, Now Says Michael Flynn Was Ra... - Report Link
African-American Journalist From Baltimore Posts Videos That Proves Trump Is Rig... - Report Link
CNN Admits Mueller Testimony a Victory For Trump - Summit News - Report Link
President Trump is a success, let me count the ways. - Report Link
Trump Proven Right Again: Caravan of Criminals | The Black Sphere - Report Link
Anti-Trumper Jim Acosta Actually Praised Trump for His Flawless D-Day Speech - Report Link
Ben Shapiro Admits 'Trump Was 100% Right and I Was 100% Wrong' if Late... - Report Link
Americans Feel Good About Economy, Give Trump Credit: CBS News P - News 9 - Report Link
Hell freezes over as Jim Acosta, Joe Scarborough praise Trump's D-Day speec... - Report Link
Don't Say He Never Warned You America! - Think About It Online - Report Link
Democrats line up behind Trump's war on immigrants - World Socialist Web Si... - Report Link
CNN's Tapper: Is Trump Not Getting Enough Credit For The Economy? | The Dai... - Report Link
Hispanic Unemployment Rate Sets New Record Low in April - Report Link
Hispanic Unemployment Rate Hits Record Low in December - Report Link
Illegals Caught for Sex Crimes Prove Trump Right Again - Report Link
The Truth About Border Walls' Effectiveness | The Stream - Report Link
Opinion | Trump Is Right to Seek an End to America's Wars - The New York Ti... - Report Link
Trump is right: Walls work on the southern border | TheHill - Report Link
Why Trump is right about North Korea - Washington Times - Report Link
Trump is right about the "Green New Deal" - Report Link
Klein: Five Reasons Trump Is Right to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty over Golan H... - Report Link
Trump is Right - A Border Wall Worked for El Paso - Dan Bongino - Report Link
Trump is right about this: Americans need to move where the jobs are - The Washi... - Report Link
Mexico WILL pay for a wall - Trump is right | Fox News - Report Link
Trump Is Right - Millions Of Illegals Probably Did Vote In 2016 | Investor'... - Report Link
Commentary: What if Trump is right and there is no collusion? - CBS News - Report Link
Trump Is Right About Venezuela - POLITICO Magazine - Report Link
Opinion | Erdogan: Trump Is Right on Syria. Turkey Can Get the Job Done. - The N... - Report Link
President Trump Is Right: There Is a Border Emergency - WSJ - Report Link
Trump is Right About the Wall, Says Obama Appointed Border Patrol Chief - Report Link
Trump is right about the FBI (opinion) - CNN - Report Link
Barr's letter proves Trump was right; Mueller report was a witch hunt - Report Link
Trump is right. This is a witch hunt! - The Washington Post - Report Link
Apologies to President Trump | TheHill - Report Link
Why the Wall Will Work - Report Link
Will Trump's Wall Work? This Chart Has The Answer - Report Link
This town is proof that Trump's wall can work - Report Link
Trump earns praise on social, political, financial fronts - WND - Report Link

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Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth
his secret unto his servants the prophets.

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