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Abortion Will End Print
Posted On November 14th, 2018
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This prophecy speaks about the end of Abortion on the USA Federal level (and in some states), and the sudden spike in adoptions (and children available for adoption) that will happen after Abortion is outlawed.  With the outlawing (at the federal level) the decision on abortion, and its depth/breadth, will fall to the states.  Those states that embrace life will be blessed.  Those that embrace Abortion and death will be cursed.

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  IP  Amanda Grace  
  F  Christa Elisha  
  F  Jeremiah Johnson  
  F  Jeremiah Johnson  
  IP  Julie Green  
  F  Mark Taylor  
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (248) 
Idaho top court allows near-total abortion ban to take effect | Reuters - Report Link
Indiana Becomes 1st State to Approve Abortion Ban Post Roe | - Report Link
Kansas Voters to Decide on Abortion - Populist Press ©2022 - Report Link
Justice Department sues Idaho over abortion ban in first post-Roe litigation - Report Link
Indiana Senate passes bill to ban most abortions | Fox News - Report Link
Indiana Senate Narrowly Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban | - Report Link
Texas declares pre-Roe abortion ban now in effect, new law effective Aug. 25 | Just The News - Report Link
Clock Is Ticking on Texas Abortion Trigger Law - Report Link
New Report Shows Abortion Clinics in Pro-Life States Shutting Down After Roe Overturned - Report Link
Supreme Court Issues Its Dobbs Judgement, Meaning Roe v. Wade is Officially Overturned - - Report Link
Kentucky judge claims life beginning at conception a “Christian” view, BLOCKS pro-life laws… ... - Report Link
Dems push radical abortion bills through House of Representatives – Main Street Barbershop - Report Link
Pennsylvania Senate approves amendment declaring no right to abortion in state constitution - LifeSi... - Report Link
Biden Signs Executive Order Creating Abortion 'Task Force' - Makes Obscene Comparison to Civil Right... - Report Link
Abortion unavailable in most cases in Mississippi and Louisiana as bans take effect - CNNPolitics - Report Link
Mississippi Governor Warns Doctors Will Lose License For Prescribing Medication Abortions - Report Link
How Mississippi Became The State To Take Down Roe v. Wade - Report Link
Texas Supreme Court blocks order that allowed abortions to resume - Report Link
Younger men seek vasectomies in the wake of Roe v. Wade ruling - Report Link
New York Moves to Enshrine Abortion Rights in State Constitution - The New York Times - Report Link

The Democrat Plan to Fund Abortions on Public Land Is Prohibited - Here's Why - Report Link
Supreme Court orders lower courts to vacate rulings against pro-life laws | Just The News - Report Link
Biden to support ending filibuster to protect abortion access | Fox News - Report Link
Republic Broadcasting Network » Soros-Funded Women’s March Behind Riot in Phoenix Following Roe v... - Report Link
The Remnant Newspaper - VIGANÒ’S DECLARATION on the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe - Report Link
INSANE Senator Elizabeth Warren Suggests Putting Planned Parenthood TENTS on Federal Land to Conduct... - Report Link
Texas abortion ban temporarily blocked by judge | Fox News - Report Link
100,000 Pro-Life People March in Spain to Demand End to Abortion - - Report Link
California Lawmakers Doubling Down on Expanding Abortion Access, Welcoming Out-of-State Residents - Report Link
Kamala Harris, Biden HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Admit Regime "Looking Into" Using Taxpayer Dollars... - Report Link
Killer Vacation: Letitia James Says New York will Pay for Housing and 'Daycare' for Women to Come to... - Report Link
Austin City Council members seek decriminalization of abortion citywide in response to Texas 'trigge... - Report Link
Left-wing coastal states led by California forming “abortion alliance” to protect “right” to... - Report Link
Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith call on Biden to declare public health emergency to protect abortion... - Report Link
EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Vigano's Declaration on the Decision of the Supreme Court in Dobbs vs. Jackson... - Report Link
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announces bill banning online abortion pill prescriptions | Just The N... - Report Link
Over 30 Democrat Senators Call on Biden to Use 'Full Force of the Federal Government' to Undermine S... - Report Link
BREAKING: Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Signs Proclamation Ending Abortion in State - Report Link
'Heightened alert': Abortion providers brace for ruling - ABC News - Report Link
Wisconsin doctors halt abortions following court ruling | AP News - Report Link

Injunction Against Alabama Abortion Ban Lifted; Elective Abortions Now a Felony - Alabama News - Report Link
Court lifts injunction on state abortion law - Report Link
Planned Parenthood pauses all abortions in Arkansas | - Report Link
Wisconsin doctors say they will halt abortions after Supreme Court ruling – Chicago Tribune - Report Link
Map: 22 states would ban abortion in a post-Roe America - Report Link
Trump praises Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, says ruling 'will work out for everybo... - Report Link
Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton Announces Abortions Are Illegal in Texas - Report Link
These 13 states have abortion ‘trigger laws’ — here’s what that means - Report Link
13 states have passed so-called 'trigger laws,' bans designed to go into effect if Roe v. Wade is ov... - Report Link
BREAKING: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, returns abortion issue to the states - Report Link
Roe v. Wade is dead. - by Techno Fog - The Reactionary - Report Link
Explosion may have hit IRGC missile base in west Tehran - report - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in landmark opinion | Fox News - Report Link
EXCLUSIVE: MTG Authors Bill to Designate Radical Abortion Groups as Domestic Terrorists, Citing a Lo... - Report Link
Exclusive — Oklahoma Attorney General: ‘Staggering Possibility’ SCOTUS Will Overrule ‘Nation... - Report Link
Pro-life Washington GOP lawmaker has his office firebombed - marking the SEVENTEENTH arson | Daily M... - Report Link
'Ruth Sent Us' group hinted at targeting Supreme Court Justice Barrett's children, church | Fox News - Report Link
Most Americans think abortion is 'morally acceptable': poll | U.S. News - Report Link
Another Pro-Life Facility Is Firebombed; Pro-Abort Terrorist Group Jane’s Revenge Takes Credit ›... - Report Link
Louisiana House expands criminal penalties for abortion providers - Report Link

SHUT IT DOWN: Radical Leftwing Group Draws Up Battle Plans To Blockade Supreme Court - Report Link
As America Waits for High Court Ruling, Here Are the Amazing Scientific Discoveries About Unborn Bab... - Report Link
Oklahoma abortion law protecting life from conception to face legal challenge from Planned Parenthoo... - Report Link
Oklahoma becomes first state to ban nearly all abortions - Report Link
Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes Five Clinics in Vermont and New Hampshire - - Report Link
Pro-abortion mob targets pro-life students in Arizona as police stand by - Report Link
New SCOTUS Leaks Show Justices WILL Strike Down Roe, They Are Refusing To Back Down - YouTube - Report Link
‘They Will Traffic Babies’: Actress Insists ‘Satanic’ Conservative Justices Are Playing To W... - Report Link
Reporter calls for violence against pro-lifers, says they shouldn't have 'peace or safety' until the... - Report Link
A Michigan law from 1931 would make abortion a felony if Roe falls : Shots - Health News : NPR - Report Link
PR Giant Tells Corporate Clients to Stay Silent on Abortion, ‘No-Win’ Situation - Report Link
White House Working With ‘Broad Range of Groups’ on Fate of Roe v. Wade - Report Link
Abortion Activists Plan Potentially Violent Attacks on Churches on Mothers Day - - Report Link
Chief Justice Roberts Reportedly Joined Liberal Justices in Abortion Ruling – [your]NEWS - Report Link
BLM Protesters Get EXPOSED When Asked About Abortion Clinics - Report Link
Democrats look to abortion opinion fallout to salvage midterms - Report Link
Coincidence? Planned Parenthood and Abortion Industry Announce $150 Million Spend on Midterms Just H... - Report Link
‘The Right To An Abortion Is Sacred’: Democratic Lawmakers Renew Calls To ‘Codify Roe’ | The... - Report Link
Supreme Court Will Strike Down Roe v. Wade, According to Draft Majority Opinion - Becker News - Report Link
BREAKING: Supreme Court votes to overturn Roe v Wade according to leaked draft decision: report | Th... - Report Link

Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows - POLITICO - Report Link
Court observers believe Chief Justice Roberts just signaled that abortion rights could be overturned... - Report Link
Pro-lifers fasted on bread and water during 40 Days for Life this year and saved 6 babies from abort... - Report Link
Cheering When the 'Fetus' Dies in Darkness - Report Link
Oklahoma governor signs bill making nearly all abortions illegal - Report Link
Oklahoma Legislature Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban - Report Link
Poll: More People Support Abortion Restrictions Like the One SCOTUS May Soon Uphold - Report Link
Citigroup to Cover Travel Expenses for Abortions as US States Curb Access | - Report Link
Democrat Mayor Declares an 'Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,' but Flocks of the Faithful Fight Ba... - Report Link
He Did Abortions Until He Had Three Powerful Encounters With the Holy Spirit - - Report Link
Missouri Budget Committee Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz | Little Bytes News - Report Link
Missouri Republicans launch latest plan to ‘defund’ Planned Parenthood | Politics | - Report Link
Missouri Representatives once again try to withdraw funding from Planned Parenthood - Report Link
Overturn Roe v. Wade. Defeat Abortion. Save Babies. | American Center for Law and Justice - Report Link
Poll: Plurality of Voters Opposed to Federal Funding for Abortion - Report Link
Abortion rights at stake in historic Supreme Court arguments | AP News - Report Link
Ohio GOP lawmakers introduce Texas-style abortion ban bill - - Report Link
Rep. Bice: Americans Do Not Support Abortion with No Limits - YouTube - Report Link
Planned Parenthood: Abortion Quotas Exposed by Live Action Video | National Review - Report Link
Biden Says Pro-Life Texas Law ‘Blatantly Violates’ Roe v. Wade | The Daily Caller - Report Link

Are You Pro-Life? European Parliament Members Want You Labeled An 'Extremist' - Report Link
Mississippi Officially Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Roe V. Wade - Breaking911 - Report Link
UNCOVERED: Late-term abortionists experimented on hundreds of women - Report Link
Abortion Activists Flout the Law to Provide Dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills by Rebecca Downs - Report Link
Abortion Clinic Caught Throwing Body of 17-Week-Old Aborted Baby in the Trash - - Report Link
UCSF's callous abortion harvesting operations exposed in records obtained by pro-life group - Report Link
Newsweek accidentally admits Trump's HHS Rule protected life by closing abortion loophole - Report Link
Hundreds gather for first ever Men’s March against abortion in DC | LifeSiteNews - Report Link
Manatee County, Florida Moves to Explore Local ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban - Report Link
New National Poll Shows Americans Oppose Killing Babies in Abortions | - Report Link
Planned Parenthood Seeks Even 'Bolder’ Policies from Biden-Harris - Report Link
WH Defends Taxpayer-Funded Research on Fetal Tissue from Abortions - Report Link
FDA Caught Buying 'Fresh' Aborted Baby Body Parts From Dealer - Report Link
Report: Supreme Court Will Consider Kentucky Abortion Case - Report Link
Abortion is ‘black genocide’: Angela Stanton-King declares - The Christian Post - Report Link
Arkansas Governor Signs Bill that Will Have EVERY Christian Voter Rejoice - YouTube - Report Link
Anti-abortion bills abound; their fate in court is unknown - ABC News - Report Link
Arkansas governor signs near-total abortion ban into law - Report Link
19 States File Motion to Stop Joe Biden From Making Americans Fund Abortion | - Report Link
Over 1,000 Doctors and OBGYNs Agree: Abortion is Never Medically Necessary | - Report Link

20th Texas City Bans Abortions, Becomes “Sanctuary for the Unborn” | - Report Link
THE ABORTION AGENDA: Its Benefactors & What You Don't Know | - Report Link
Senate Again Rejects Bill Requiring Care for Babies Who Survive Abortion - Report Link
48 Senators Vow To Oppose Any Legislation That Funds Abortion - Report Link
Political Upheaval Alters Strategies in US Abortion Debate | - Report Link
Planned Parenthood Prepares for Payday Under Biden - Report Link
SCOTUS Upholds Trump Admin’s Restrictions on Telemedicine Abortions - Report Link
Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death in 2020 with 42.7 Million Killed - Report Link
GOP's pro-life women hailed as 'brick wall' against Dems' abortion agenda - 0Censor - Report Link
Trump Administration Announces Funding Cut to California Over Abortion Insurance Requirement - Report Link
Pelosi: House Will Soon Vote on Repealing Hyde Amendment - Conservative Journal Review - Report Link
Ivanka Trump Declares She Is ‘Unapologetically’ ‘Pro-Life’ For The First Time - Report Link
Leaders in Over 30 Countries Sign Statement Affirming ‘No International Right to Abortion’ - Report Link
Does Planned Parenthood Have a Racism Problem? An Internal Audit Says So. - Report Link
Black Employees Say They Faced Racism At Planned Parenthood - Report Link
Texas City Stands Up for Life by Passing Pro-Life Ordinance - Big League Politics - Report Link
President Donald Trump announces he will sign the Born-Alive Executive Order! - YouTube - Report Link
The Next Democrat Shoe To Drop, ‘President Pelosi’s’ Stiletto - Report Link
Tom Cotton on Twitter: "It's time for Roe v. Wade to go." / Twitter - Report Link
92 Members of Congress Urge FDA to Remove Abortion Drug from U.S. Market - Report Link

Sister Byrne: 'The Largest Marginalized Group in the World' Is the 'Unborn' - Report Link
Doctor Nun Blasts Abortion, Says Trump Is Most Pro-Life President In History - Report Link
Indiana AG Announces Planned Parenthood Concedes Defeat in Ultrasound Lawsuit - Report Link
Kanye West: 'I’m Concerned for the World that Feels you Shouldn’t Cry About' Abortion - Report Link
SCOTUS Gives Indiana Pro-Life Laws A Second Chance | The Daily Caller - Report Link
DeSantis signs bill requiring parental consent for abortion | FOX 13 Tampa Bay - Report Link
SlantRight 2.0: Planned Parenthood Protected by Corrupt Politicians, Prosecutors & Courts - Report Link
BOMBSHELL: Planned Parenthood officials admit under oath to selling aborted body parts - Report Link
Justice Clarence Thomas: Roe v. Wade was an 'incorrect decision' - Report Link
Coach Jim Harbaugh: Pandemic Should Open Our Eyes to 'Horrendous' Nature of Abortion - Report Link
Docs Reveal Planned Parenthood Profited From Aborted Baby Body Parts - Report Link
Abortionists Lose Again: Texas Can Resume Abortion Ban After US Appeals Court Steps In - Report Link
Father Pavone: Pro-life Momentum Is on the Rise in America - Report Link
History: Trump to Be First President to Attend March For Life Rally - Report Link
More than 200 lawmakers urge Supreme Court to 'reconsider' Roe v. Wade | TheHill - Report Link
Their Pro-Abortion Convictions Melt Away After Watching What One REALLY Looks Like - Report Link
High Court in Ireland Rules an Unborn Baby Has a Right to Life | - Report Link
JUST IN: Supreme Court allows Kentucky ultrasound law to go into effect! | News Thud - Report Link
Despite opposition, students from this college pray in 'mega shields' at abortion facility - Report Link
Democrat senators running for president in 2020 all voted for infanticide | News | LifeSite - Report Link

Study Shows Unborn Babies See More Than We Knew | The Daily Wire - Report Link
Couple Adopts Child After Convincing Mothers Not to Abort | Breitbart - Report Link
876 Pro-Abortion Clinics Have Lost Federal Funding under Trump Pro-Life Rule - Michael Foust - Report Link
Planned Parenthood admits guilt in illegal baby body parts trafficking scheme - - Report Link
600K Mexicans March Against Abortion, Drug Cartels and Radical LGBT Agenda - Report Link
Hearing for abortion pill reversal bill held in Ohio State Senate - Report Link
US abortion rate plummets to lowest since Roe v Wade | Daily Mail Online - Report Link
Two Texas Cities Outlaw Abortion, Become 'Sanctuary for the Unborn' - Faithwire - Report Link
Abortion Industry Admits Trafficking Baby Body Parts - Report Link
Planned Parenthood Employee Admits To Trafficking In Baby Body Parts - Report Link
Trump Admin Sides with Vermont Nurse Who Was Forced to Assist with Abortion | CBN News - Report Link
Planned Parenthood sets exit from family planning program - Report Link
Texas gov. signs bill making it illegal to kill babies who survive abortion | News | LifeSite - Report Link
'Rogue' Oklahoma Judge Upholds Law Banning Abortion Method | The Daily Caller - Report Link
Abortion Might Not Cut Crime Rates After All - Washington Free Beacon - Report Link
9th US Circuit Court Delivers MASSIVE Blow To Planned Parenthood - Report Link
Court: Admin Can Cut Planned Parenthood Family Planning Funding - Report Link
Abortion Clinics Closing at Record Pace as More Babies Saved From Abortions | - Report Link
Last abortion clinic in Missouri expects to be shut down this week - Report Link
42 elected prosecutors sign statement refusing to enforce new abortion bans | Fox News - Report Link

Trump Admin Says NIH Will No Longer Conduct Research Using Aborted Baby Body Parts | CBN News - Report Link
U of Alabama Rips Biggest Donor's Name Off Building After He Attacks Pro-Life Law - Report Link
Bishop Paprocki bars pro-abortion Illinois lawmakers from Holy Communion - Report Link
Trump Deals Crushing Blow to Abortion Industry with 'Fetal Tissue' Decision - Report Link
San Diego Hospital Reveals World's Tiniest Surviving Baby | - Report Link
Woman takes abortion pill, sees her 7-week-old baby | The Pulse | LifeSite - Report Link
Alabama Executes a Murderer a Day After Banning Abortions - The New York Times - Report Link
Clarence Thomas compares women who obtain abortions to eugenicists. - Report Link
Missouri governor signs bill banning abortions at 8 weeks | Fox News - Report Link
Daily duels over abortion outside Alabama clinics - Report Link
Delaware County Church Vandalized With Abortion Rights Graffiti | End Time Headlines - Report Link
The rising wave of abortion restrictions in America - CNN - Report Link
Bill protecting taxpayers from funding abortion industry passes Texas House - Report Link
Trump breaks silence amid Alabama abortion ban row - BBC News - Report Link
Hospital That Did 1,110 Abortions Every Year Stops Killing Babies | - Report Link
Actor Stephen Baldwin: You can't be Christian and support abortion - Report Link
Hundreds protest Alabama's abortion ban at state capitol - Report Link
Louisiana Governor breaks with Dems, indicates he'll sign 'heartbeat' legislation - Report Link
Missouri lawmaker apologizes for using term 'consensual rapes' in abortion bill debate - Report Link
With sights set on Supreme Court, Missouri latest US state to restrict abortion - Report Link

Florida Republicans propose 'fetal heartbeat' bill to restrict abortion - Orlando Sentinel - Report Link
ABORTION - The Biblical, Historical, & Factual Understanding For Christians - And For Everyone Else. - Report Link
Trump takes war on abortion worldwide as policy cuts off funds | World news | The Guardian - Report Link
The coming civil war over abortion | The Christian Post - Report Link
Dear Pro-Life Friends: What have you done to support single mothers? - Report Link
Louisiana 'heartbeat' abortion ban nearing final passage - Report Link
Alabama law moves abortion to the center of 2020 campaign - Report Link
Alabama 'has gone too far' with 'extreme' abortion bill, Pat Robertson says - Report Link
Ala. lawmakers pass bill making abortion a felony; Gov. Kay Ivey defends it - Report Link
Alabama governor signs nation's strictest abortion ban into law - Report Link
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs nation's strictest abortion bill - AOL News - Report Link
'It goes after Roe directly': Alabama's abortion bill heads to state senate - Report Link
Anti-abortion bills mount as GOP-led states angle for Supreme Court fight over Roe v. Wade - Report Link
March for Life UK challenges hearts and minds on abortion - Report Link
Federal judge strikes down Kentucky law to curtail second-trimester abortions - Report Link
Stricter abortion bans are conservative-led states' gambit to overturn Roe vs. Wade - Report Link
More 'heartbeat' abortion bills advancing in Midwest and South - Report Link
'Heartbeat' law sets up possible challenge to Roe v. Wade - Report Link
At NYC's largest ever pro-life rally, women, abortion survivors take a stand - Report Link
BREAKING: Kemp to sign anti-abortion 'heartbeat' bill on Tuesday ... - Report Link

Alabama House overwhelmingly approves abortion ban | Fox News - Report Link
Alabama lawmakers look to overturn Roe with abortion ban - Report Link
1,485 vs. 352: Abortions at or After 21 Weeks Outnumbered Homicides in NYC - Report Link
Abortion Pill Reversal Is Real. Baby Isaiah Is Alive Today Because of It | - Report Link
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs Pro-Life Bill to Save Babies From Abortion | - Report Link
Pregnant from rape, mom chooses life: He isn't my rapist's baby, he's mine - Report Link
Alabama Bill Would Ban Abortions, Make Killing Unborn Babies a Felony | - Report Link
Serious drop in abortion traffic follows 'Unplanned' - WND - Report Link
Texas Bill Would Expose Women Having Abortion to Execution - Report Link
Why did an OH lawmaker want preborn Black babies treated as disposable property? - Report Link
Texas abortion bill proposes death penalty for women, physicians - Report Link
Anti-Abortion Movie 'Gosnell' to Screen at White House | Hollywood Reporter - Report Link
Senator Shelly Hughes on Abolishing Abortion 25Feb19 - YouTube - Report Link
After ignoring abortion survivors, pro-abortion lawmakers fight to save kittens - Report Link
Almost Two Million People March for Life in Argentina to Stand Against Abortion | - Report Link
President Trump signs bill allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood - Report Link
U.S. Sen. Blackburn Introduces First Bill as Senator to Protect The Unborn - Tennessee Star - Report Link
BREAKING: Ohio defunds Planned Parenthood and abortion industry - Report Link
Kentucky Just Banned Abortion | American Civil Liberties Union - Report Link
An aborted fetus in Alabama just got the right to sue the abortion clinic - VICE News - Report Link

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