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Japan Super Quake Print
Posted On March 3rd, 2015
  AKA:   The Destruction of Japan, The Judgment of Japan
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This prophecy speaks of a super quake that will hit Japan in the near future.  And this isn't the same quake as what happened in 2011.  This is speaking of one that is yet future.  David Wilkerson spoke of there being TWO quakes that would hit Japan, the second of which is the most important as that'd have even wider ranging effects than the first, which was more of a warning than anything.  The second is predicted to do a considerable amount more damage than the first one did and will be located inland rather than in the ocean from what I've seen.  This second one in turn will both precede and trigger a mega quake on the west coast of the USA.  This one likely will also destroy Fukashima once and for all, along with many other of Japan's nuclear reactors, ultimately rendering the entire island radioactive and thus uninhabitable.

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  P  Veronika West  
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