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 Prophecy:   Donald Trump Will Become President Twice

 Name:   Veronika West

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

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Summary or Prophecy Text

I heard The LORD say, Daughter, you see, I had to allow for My Anointed Vessel to be exiled for a time and a season that I may demonstrate My Power and My greater Purpose in the midst of deep darkness and even despair. For you see, if the great Victories that you are about to see and experience would have come when My anointed Trump was in Office, then My Glory would have been stolen, and the hearts of men would have been turned toward man and not towards the heart of My Father!

But Watch! For just as I had to circumcise My People in the wilderness for a second time before they crossed over into their Promised land, so NOW, in this New Era, I AM going to circumcise the hearts of the people of this Great Nation for a second time. Therefore beloved, let your heart not be troubled and do not despair, and do not doubt that My Governmental hand of Justice and Vindication is moving and shifting, separating and sifting in ways that you may not yet see, for Truly I tell you, My Anointed shall arise again in greater Power and Honor, when in Spirit and Truth, the hearts of My People have been changed and transformed!

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