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 Prophecy:   Two Presidents, Two Inaugurations

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Admin Note: These entries aren't actually from Wanda, but are provided by her. I simply include them here for purposes of simplicity and consolidation, as they were posted on her site, having come from readers of hers. So the actual entries are not to be credited to her in this case.

Darcy & Charles, 1/8/2020:

This vision was given to my husband, Charles. He's rather new at this, so it was repeated by the Lord many times before he ever shared it with me. He had the same vision over and over. Sometimes during the days and sometimes waking up in it or even in a dream:

It begins at the Inauguration; the day of President Trump being inaugurated. Only a handful of people are coming out of the Capital Building double doors. Around 20 people other than the Secret Service agents and military men. They go before the President. President Trump emerges surrounded by SS and heavily armed military. A few steps later, Melania Trump comes out also heavily surrounded. A few steps later is Barron Trump" so surrounded he can barely be seen. The atmosphere is one of the very highest alert. Not only there, but the whole country and the world. Overhead are multitudes of military helicopters, fighter planes, and military jets. On every rooftop are positioned snipers; out in front, are only about 100 people in attendance. Strategically chosen government officials and only those who 'need to be there to witness the protocol of the ceremony of The Inauguration. Which seems to be only perfunctory to be made the official swearing in of The President.

Again, surrounding the 100 or so people attending, are countless heavily armed and covered military and secret service all around everyone and as far as could be seen. There had been discovered a plot of the various groups like Antifa, BLM, etc., who had joined together to do anything to stop the Inauguration. The military had been given the order to 'shoot to kill' towards anyone who was shooting at them. Around 100,000 were killed. President Trump laid his hand on the Bible, was sworn in and then escorted back inside the building with the others and those outside escorted back into Protective Custody.

There were no ex-Presidents there or many people of recognition. Even Vice-President Mike Pence and his family were off in protective custody with many others. Kamala Harris was already arrested as were many other high officials. It was clear in these visions, that the only objective of President Trump as he left, was to protect the country and the people, and to 'finalize' the indictments. There was a list in his hand of over 1000 high official's names.

As he was entering the Oval Office, Joe Biden had seated himself at the Presidential desk. There was quite a scuffle as he said, 'NO!! You can't sit here! I'm the President! (That part may have been symbolic.) After all this, it was known that there was a great scrambling to fill the seats of Congress, Senate, House and every other imaginable office of government and the judicial system etc., as there were SO many people indicted or in prison. Over the next 2 years, it was still being wrapped up. Both Clinton's, both Obama's, and many others were put in prison. Many who no one had suspected were also taken away.

Ashleigh, January 2021:

I had another dream. It might have been the same night or the following night. I don't remember. I was standing in front of the inaugural stage (but was off to the right-hand side) and Joe Biden was taking the oath of office with his hand on a Bible. I could only see the left side of his body because there was a man in a suit standing in front of him. Don't know who it was. Never saw his face. They were looking at each other, and Biden's eyes looked empty. He wasn't speaking, but I remember feeling defeated. Why was this happening? And more importantly, why was I at Biden's inauguration when I didn't vote for him and don't support anything he stands for? Then I moved to my left a bit and saw who was holding the Bible. Typically, the spouse holds the Bible. But in my dream it was Donald Trump. I remember thinking it was strange. Why was Trump standing there holding the Bible? And why wasn't Biden saying anything? And why didn't Biden have his hand raised as he took an oath? As I continued to watch, I noticed Biden looked at the random man in-front of him, his side to the people. I can only describe his demeanor as robot-like. In contrast, Trump stood tall, staring out at the crowd that stood with me but before him with a resolved look of pride on his face.
There are no proofs to display at this time.

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