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 Prophecy:   Looting of the Rich

 Name:   John Paul Jackson

 Source URL:   Click to View

 Type:   Dream  

 Status:    Fulfilled  

Summary or Prophecy Text
The New Face of Robinhood - Flash Mobs Loot Rich Neighborhoods
Theft Is ‘Higher Than What It Has Historically Been’: Walmart CEO - Report Link
Video: California Apple store ransacked by thieves as staff warn customers not t... - Report Link
Marauding Bands Of Looters Are Stealing Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Merchandise... - Report Link
Rampaging youths ransack Philadelphia Wawa, twerk on counter - Report Link
Watch: Huge Mob Flashes California 7-Eleven and Picks it Clean – PJ Media - Report Link
Smash-and-Grab Thieves Steal $2 Million in Diamonds From Bronx Jeweler in Broad ... - Report Link
WATCH: San Francisco Club Robbed By 2 Dozen Looters for HOURS - Report Link
Recent crimes in wealthy Atlanta enclave reignite push for Buckhead cityhood | W... - Report Link
Nearly 200 people break into $8 million Florida home for party, post videos on S... - Report Link
Smash-and-Grab Thieves Steal Millions in Jewelry from Beverly Hills Jewelry Stor... - Report Link
L.A.’s Arms Race of the Affluent - Report Link
Security Heightened At Major Store Chains After Series Of 'Flash Mob' Robberies ... - Report Link
Armed Robbery at Home Holiday Party as L.A. Suffers 'Brutal, Brazen' Crime Wave - Report Link
Wall Street Firms Tell Employees To "Dress Down" As Violent Crime Rages  | Zero... - Report Link
Shock Video: Stroller-Pushing Mom Robbed in Own Driveway in Posh LA Neighborhood... - Report Link
LAPD Targets "Follow-Home" Robbery Crime Wave | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Best Buy store in Minnesota looted by 20-30 suspects; all get away, report says ... - Report Link
Lakewood Home Depot Raided by Large Group of Thieves – NBC Los Angeles - Report Link
Blue State Anarchy: 30 Robbers Wielding Hammers Loot Mall as Wave of Mass Thefts... - Report Link
The future is here, and it will be filled with endless looting, rioting and civi... - Report Link
Oakland Store Emptied by Swarm of "Bread Scavengers" - YouTube - Report Link
San Jose Lululemon Ransacked as Bay-Area Lootering Continues - Report Link
Looting Spree Reaches San Francisco Suburbs - Simply Patriot - Report Link
Best Buy Crashes As Margins Slide Due To "Organized Retail Theft" | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Shots Fired As Flash Mob Raids Nordstrom In Upscale California Town | ZeroHedge - Report Link

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