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 Prophecy:   Defeat of the US Navy

 Name:   Alexander B. Cuppett

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 Type:   Vision  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
TO: General Richard Meyers, Chairman, the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Subject: Predicted Destruction of a US Navy Carrier Task Force

Ref: My Ltr to you, Subj: Soviet Defeat of the USS Kitty Hawk's Radar Surveillance "Screen" in WESTPAC, dtd, 10 Feb 2002 (NOTAL)

Ref Ltr was sent to you and fourteen Flag Officers, including nine Members of Congress, conclusively proving that the Soviets now have "spoofing" capabilities which can defeat our best radar technology. The following will inform you of our coming naval defeat as a result of this "pilfered" capability. Moreover, you can thank Bill and Hillary Clinton for the spoofing technology transfer in 1993-1994. The ref Ltr also details how this transpired; and can be found on page 129-130 of the book, "America Sold Out", published in 2003.

General, I have a friend who, during the nine years I have known him, has never been wrong on any "prediction" he has made. This includes, but is not at all limited to, the Dow-Jones Industrial's "bottom-out" on 24 Sept 2002; and the rise of "per-barrel" oil prices, to the very dollar amount(s) this year! The subject prediction, detailed below, concerns the US Navy.

Some days ago my friend was given a Holy Ghost vision of a US Navy Carrier Task Force, consisting of fifteen ships and three subs, being attacked by Chinese (PRC) forces. In the scenario there was a "football-shaped fleet" (see Attach) sailing in formation. There were fourteen surface ships ahead of/or around the flagship, a CVA/CVN. Suddenly the carrier, which was in the center of the formation, was hit on the port side. A huge hole opened and the carrier then "slowed and shuddered to a stop." Before any planes could be launched it rolled 30 degrees to port, casting all aircraft into the ocean. It then rolled to 90 degrees and capsized; all in a matter of a few minutes. (Enemy surface and subsurface elements were also operating.)

At that point the entire formation was struck by missiles, each ship being hit; including "two [SSN] submarines", which were operating submerged on the flanks of the CVA. This included the loss of a "rover", fast attack sub, which was also in the Task Force. Subsequently, enemy aircraft over flew the fleet; therefore it must be ascertained the attacking planes were never detected by the radar screen. The ships were sunk by "air-to-surface" missiles, whereas the subs were sunk with "air-to-subsurface" devices. I suspect the missile which hit CVA had a "nuke tip". I also suspect the recent Sino-Soviet exercises were perfecting their operations plan(s) to attack our WESTPAC units. Be advised the "bait" will be an incident with Taiwan; and the Russians and the North Koreans shall be, in some manner, involved in the scenario.

The entire formation was sunk; not one element/unit surviving. The loss of life was great. Be advised, the gentleman having this vision has absolutely no knowledge of US Navy surface or subsurface operations/tactics; to include convoy screening techniques. Have a great day, sir, as you and the other "Chiefs" are going to need a bunch of them -- soon.

Very respectfully, yet sorrowfully, with warm regards,
Al Cuppett
Bronze Star & Purple Heart Medals, et al, RVN, 1970-1971 (1957-1979)
Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1990
Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990
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