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 Prophecy:   The Prophecies of New York

 Name:   Deborah Williams

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 Type:   Vision  

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Summary or Prophecy Text
I suddenly saw a vision open to me, and I realize it was New York city I was seeing. I was way up above it, looking down on it. I saw the highways and bridges, bumper to bumper with cars, fleeing the city. Million of people were fleeing.

Inside the city, evil men were jerking people out of vehicles, and stealing vehicles all over the place, in brought daylight. I heard cursing, and screaming, and crying. Angry mobs who could not get a car door open, were descending on it in mass, and rocking it until they turned it over, trying to force the people in the car to flee from it to let them have it.

It was like a thousand 9/11's. People were everywhere running, screaming. I saw buses being taken over by thugs, and passengers dragged out so that the mobs could take over the bus, and get out of the city. I saw all the roads leading out of the city, in every direction, including the ones going into the city, were all being used to flee.

There were no cars going into the city, only out. I cried out in my heart, and I said, "Lord, what has happened!?" And I heard t he Angel of the Lord say, "Watch!" Then I saw young men and women begin to climb up on the tops of tall steps, and on top of crashed vehicles, and they began to tell the masses of humanity, overflowing into the streets; they began to shout, at the top of their lungs, "Don't be afraid! The Lord God Almighty is here! He has not left you! He loves you! He will deliver you now if you call upon Him! Call on Him right now! He will send His angels to rescue you.' Many began to mock them, and throw tin cans at them, and rocks, and stones, and anything they could get their hands on, and began to throw at them. But others began to fall down on their knees, and began to weep, and to call on the name of Jesus.

It was as if I could see the entire city of New York, all at once, as more and more people responded to the preachers that were everywhere, thousands more began to go down on their knees. And then a cry came up out or New York, as if it were one voice. And the cry was this: "Oh Lord God of Heaven and Earth, come and save us!" And then I saw a great peace, like a blanket, the size of the city, descend from Heaven, on the millions of people that had streamed out of the buildings, and into the streets. The peace covered the entire city. Suddenly, a great calm ensued, and a few began to praise the Lord, because they realized they had been rescued. They began to rejoice. Then others joined in. And then suddenly, millions began to sing and praise God, and I began to hear them sing, "Our God Reigns! Our God Reigns! Forever, Your kingdom reigns!" Singers began to arise all over the city, and began to sing loudly. People got their instruments of music out and began to play. It was wild.

They literally burst forth into song. Some were singing new songs never heard before, from Heaven. And the Holy Spirit began to fall on the crowds of thousands, and thousands of people. The streets were filled with people, and they all began to sing, and rejoice, and many began to dance, and they were almost beyond being able to contain themselves. Their joy was beyond description. And then I knew, whatever had happened to cause the extreme panic, and fear, had mere driven, all of the thugs, the evil, the wicked, out of the city. And what had happened instead, is revival, the likes of which had never before been seen in New York, fell on the entire city that was left. And then, the Lord gave me instructions, to give to you. "Tell My people to get ready. Tell My remnant to stand up, out of the crowd, and they are going to preach My Gospel, preach My Salvation, preach it loud, preach it without fear. I'm about to make millions hear you. Get ready," says the Lord. He's speaking to you who have never preached in their entire lives.

He says, "Stay full of My Spirit, and you will know when to release the word that I have given to you. The time is near. Get ready, and stay ready. Singers, and musicians, get ready to take to the streets in a time of great crisis. Get out your instruments, and tune them up. I will anoint you, says the Lord, and you will lead the grandest song you have ever sung. And you will lead millions. The Lord says, "I will save New York when the people cry out to Me!" They will cry, and I will hear them, and have mercy on them, and I will bring deliverance to New York City, like they have not seen in over 150 years. I will do it," says the Lord. "My remnant, stay rooted firmly in Me. I'm going to bring people to New York. I will anoint both young, and old. I will anoint both male, and female. You will preach, and you will heal, and you will set people free, and then you will baptize them. They will begin to bring their movies, and books, and potions, and amulets, and tokens, and Wiji boards, and tarot cards, and everything else they worshiped the devil with, and they will burn them in fire pits.

And they will burn the idols in the fires. And I saw them bringing out Buddhas; bringing out all kinds of weird things, incenses, they will burn their idols in the fire, and they will be set free. They will bring their drugs, and burn them. They will burn their needles, and their pipes. There shall be a great burning, and the burning shall spread to the middle of America. And then I, Myself, will start fires on the west coast, and they will burn across the Rockies, and across the deserts, and there will be fires that will reach into Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and the entire Midwest. I will save the center of America. The fires of My Spirit will swiftly follow the burning of their idols, and My Spirit will fall like rain on America. There will be fire, and rain, in the midst of America. I will pour it out like never seen before. Fear not, the hunger for Me will invade this nation, and I will reign over America.

Admin Note: This was manually transcribed from the video. Apologies for any errors.
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