Prophecy:   Gas below a dollar, and the judgment of OPEC

 Name:   Kim Clement

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 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

Summary: Starting at 13:55. (Admin note: This first part is merely a commentary from Kim, and not an actual prophecy. I only include this here because, what he says comes from divine revelation, and adds additional helpful context to the parent prophecy.)

Forget all these numbers they're throwing out there. In the soil of this nation, and above, and below, is enough to clear that debt (the national debt) and put us in a place where we can say to OPEC, "Shove it!" We've got our own resources. You've stolen from us for too long!

Part 2, starting at 14:22. (Admin note: This is the actual prophecy.)

Oh, would they flirt in Saudi Arabia? Would they flirt with those that curse you behind your backs? They smile, but they take from you. But I AM drying up their resources, says the Lord. I am taking away their ability to control America, and the nations of the Earth. Even your Russian king that says, "You rely on me." No more, for I have resources that are coming forth now, and even in this nation I'll change the laws so that wealth will come to this nation, and it will stand as number one again, says the Lord.

Part 3, stating at 16:13m. I will not provide for Israel only; I will provide from Israel outward, and they shall come and they shall say, "Provide for us." All over - In other words, Israel shall become a resource not to themselves only, but to the rest of the world. They will have people who purchase it (the oil), and this will prosper Israel even more. Now think about what I've just said by the Spirit. In other words, the resources are not just for Israel. It's going to go out (to the entire world) as well so that Israel will become more and more prosperous, and as Isaac, they will prosper so much that their enemies will be jealous, provoked to jealousy, and say, "Why Israel again? Why does Israel again be blessed? Why is it that, from its soil, which we have cursed, has blessing come forth again?"

They will be provoked to jealousy as the Philistines were provoked to jealousy with Isaac. And Isaac, in that year, prospered a hundredfold. Think about it. And they were provoked where they said, "Leave us! Leave us!" And so it shall be again that this resource (oil), and many others, other resources that come from the soil - What will happen is, they will say, "Okay, we will purchase from you," and Israel will then be blessed to a greater degree, and again, there will be provocation upon provocation. But God says, "I will shine upon Israel. And I will show the world that they cannot curse it, for what God has blessed, they must bless, and they will bless it."
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