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The Judgment of the Major Sports Print
Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  AKA:   NFL Postpones All Games Till Answer Found, Judgment of the NFL
  Status:   Pending: 3   In Progress: 3   Partial Fulfillment: 1  

This prophecy points to a future time when some event (nothing is known yet as to what that might be) causes all of the major league sports season to be canceled indefinitely.  Also, we now know what it is that's delayed the season and postponed it indefinitely.  IE, the Corona Virus Plandemic as spoken of in the Lesser and Greater Virus prophecy.  Involved in this now expanded prophecy is the NBA, NFL, NHL and all other major sports, and even possibly college sports.  Not sure on the latter currently, but we'll know soon enough.

EDIT (2020-08-26): Okay, as of today I'm expanding this prophecy to include ALL the major sports (professional for certain, but possibly college as well).  I don't have actual prophecies to cover this expansion just yet.  However, I'm seeing enough things happening that I'm expecting that to show up soon.  So I'm updating this prophecy accordingly in preparation for that. 

EDIT (2020-09-02): Just added clarification to the above edit, and to the initial description.

(*Do you have a better description, or did you find an error? Please let me know. Thanks*)
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  IP  Benjamin Faircloth  
  IP  Julie Green  
  PF  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  IP  Kent Christmas  
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (106) 
Jalen Hill, former UCLA men's basketball forward, dead at 22 - Report Link
21-Year-Old College Football Player in Arkansas Dies Suddenly After Collapsing - Report Link
Romania's most famous football team, Steaua Bucharest, announce a ban on VACCINATED players - Report Link
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NFL’s new social justice initiative led by rapper who called for violence against Jews and Asians - Report Link
Disgraced ex-New York Mets Manager Mickey Callaway Fired by Mexican League Team - Sports Illustrated... - Report Link
The NBA declares war on pro-lifers | Washington Examiner - Report Link
Another International Sport Bans Biologically Male Trans Athletes From Competing Against Women | The... - Report Link
Mortality among vaccinated athletes increased by more than 1700% – World-Signals News - Report Link
Multiple Tampa Bay Rays Players Refuse To Wear The Gay Pride Logo On Their Uniforms | The Daily Call... - Report Link
DeSantis Warns 'Woke' Companies, Slashes MLB Facility Funds | - Report Link
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Adam Silver NBA lost 'hundreds of millions' due to China fallout - Report Link
HOME RUN! DeSantis Punishes Tampa Bay Rays Over Anti-Second Amendment Activism - Todd Starnes - Report Link
Detroit Tigers Ticket Sales Reportedly Funding Transgender Surgeries for Children - Report Link
BREAKING: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will veto $35 million for the Tampa Bay Rays amid the team's pol... - Report Link
MLB Team Will Be Funneling Money to Groups That Support 'Gender Transition' Surgeries for Kids - Report Link

NBA Teams Raise Ticket Prices as Attendance Declines - Report Link
769 Athletes Collapsed During Games in Past Year: 'Average Age of Cardiac Arrest Just 23' - Slay New... - Report Link
Fans Not Happy as Entire 'Final Four' Basketball Team Refuses to Take the Court During National Anth... - Report Link
Hoops player submits urine sample of pregnant girlfriend, gets suspended for fraud, report says - Report Link
Sports Media Demonize Aaron Rodgers, Nearly Silent on NFL Player Who Killed a Woman - Report Link
Unvaccinated Fans to Be Banned From Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres Games - Report Link
US Open Requires COVID-19 Vaccine for Spectators Days Before Tournament - Report Link
Saints Tickets For Preseason Game Selling As Low as $1 For Vaccinated Fans - Report Link
Cleveland changing name from Indians to Guardians after 2021 season - Report Link
NFL's Richard Sherman Faces Jail Time, Says He's 'Deeply Remorseful,' Vows to 'Get Help - Report Link
Woke NFL Will Play 'Black National Anthem' During 2021 Season, Including at Super Bowl: Report - Report Link
Dems Scream, Pound Desks When GOP Female Rep Proposes Protecting Women’s Sports - Conservative Bri... - Report Link
San Francisco Giants Will Wear Rainbow ‘Pride’ Patterns On Their Uniforms, Caps | The Daily Wire - Report Link
Congressional Committee Urges NBA Players to Drop Endorsements Tied to Chinese Slave Labor - Report Link
Opt-out decisions throw wrench into NFL draft options - ABC News - Report Link
Panic Time: NBA Fast-Approaching Historic Ratings Lows - Report Link
NBA In 'Ongoing Business Discussions' With Chinese Propaganda Network - Washington Free Beacon - Report Link
Trump to Newsmax TV: 'I Would Say Boycott Baseball' | - Report Link
GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan Moves to Strip MLB of Antitrust Exception - Report Link
Obama praises MLB for pulling All-Star Game from Atlanta in protest of restrictive voting law - Report Link

Liberal Elites Celebrate After MLB Takes All-Star Game from Georgia - Report Link
NFL Seeking 100% Increase in TV Rights Payments, Disney Resists - Report Link
Dallas Mavericks stop playing national anthem before home games at the direction of owner Mark Cuban - Report Link
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In Case You Missed It: Super Bowl LV Kicks Off with Singing of Black National Anthem (VIDEO) - Report Link
Pro Sports Suffer Ratings Disasters, Lose Billions in Revenue in 2020 - Report Link
Owner: NBA Teams Will Lose Money This Season | - Report Link
Go Woke, Go Broke? NBA Reportedly Facing Billions in Losses, Steep Decline in Player Salaries - Report Link
Joe Buck And Troy Aikman Caught On Hot Mic Mocking NFL Military Pregame Flyover - Report Link
Ratings for NBA Finals Finale Crash by Nearly 70% from 2019, Again - Report Link
NBA ratings continue to sink: Game 3 of the finals marks lowest viewership yet - Report Link
NFL FUMBLES: Football Ratings ‘COLLAPSE’ in Week 4, ‘Down 70% From Last Year’ | Sean Hannity - Report Link
Company Gives Up Its NBA Suite, Fires Off Letter to Franchise Owner Over the Ruining of Sports - Report Link
NFL's social justice experiment is no touchdown - Report Link
The NFL, NBA and MLB are promoting Black criminals as heroes and putting a target on law enforcement - Report Link
Los Angeles Angels Owner: ‘It’s Very Necessary To Vote For President Trump ’ | The Daily Wire - Report Link
Roger Goodell and Wokeness Have Ensured the Decline of the NFL - American Thinker - Report Link
NFL ratings plummet in Chiefs-Texans season opener - Report Link
Americans' views of the sports industry take a nosedive, according to Gallup | Just The News - Report Link
MLB Ratings Crash As Wokeness Takes Its Toll | Zero Hedge - Report Link

Dallas Cowboys player says officials have given team 'green light' to protest national anthem - Report Link
Packers president says more then 80% of season ticket holders opted out - Report Link
NBA Ratings Crash Continues, Lakers Big Win Least-Watched Game of Series - Report Link
Standing Tall: ESPN Host Quits Because Liberal Media Outlet Has Become This... - Report Link
WATCH: Mets’ Smith Pleads Through Tears: ‘People Still Don’t Care’ - Report Link
WNBA Players Wear Shirts with 7 Bullet Holes on the Back to Protest Jacob Blake Shooting - Report Link
Boycott: NBA playoff games called off amid player protest - Breitbart - Report Link
NBA And MLB Get WOKE Go Broke, Cancel Games For BLM - YouTube - Report Link
Baseball's fumbled return has never been a better metaphor for American life - CNN - Report Link
NFL players can be fined for church attendance under league's COVID-19 policy - TheBlaze - Report Link
Victor Davis Hanson: Millions of NFL Fans Are About To Shrug and Change the Channel - Report Link
Why sports stadiums are suddenly full of cardboard fans - Report Link
Cowboys hire player who slams cops, sits during National Anthem - Report Link
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Patriots release Antonio Brown after claims of sexual misconduct, intimidation of accuser | Fox News - Report Link
All bets are off for shutdown's impact on Super Bowl - Report Link
Weak 16: Fans Still Missing AS NFL Season Nears Its End - Report Link
NFL plagued by empty stadiums seats - YouTube - Report Link
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NFL not seeking mandate for players to stand during anthem - Report Link

Trump Wins: NFL Brand Takes Massive Hit Over National Anthem * Deneen Borelli - Report Link
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Derek Wolfe: If you don't think America is greatest country, why do you stay? - ProFootballTalk - Report Link
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Group of Cleveland Browns Players Kneel During National Anthem - The Daily Beast - Report Link
Franklin Graham: 'NFL Is Trying to Push Homosexuality Through a New Pro-Same-Sex Ad' - Report Link
NFL Says Gaga Can Grumble About Trump in Super Bowl Show - Report Link
Arrogance, Deceit, Oversaturation At Root Of NFL’s Ratings Decline - Report Link
NFL Ratings Set To Drop Again In Week 5 As NFL Downplays The Problem - Report Link
Poll: National Anthem Protests Leading Cause For NFL Ratings Drop - Report Link
Poll: 40% of Fans Blame NFL's Ratings Drop on National Anthem Protests - Report Link
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Fans watching fewer NFL games cite protests as primary reason - Report Link
QUESTION: Are You Boycotting The NFL Because Of Their Increasingly ANTI-AMERICAN Bullsh*t? - Report Link
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DeSean Jackson Protesting Police Killings With Custom Cleats - Report Link

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