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The Judgement of The Food Industry Print
Posted On June 19th, 2015
  AKA:   The Judgment of Farmers, 1/3rd of all food in the USA wiped out
  Status:   Pending: 3   In Progress: 1   Partial Fulfillment: 1  

This prophecy speaks of a time when severe judgment will come against the US Food industry, especially farms, manufacturers, etc, some of it because of how they've poisoned the food supply, some for putting money before God, some for other, as yet unspecified reasons.  Up to as much as 1/3rd of all food grown in the USA will be wiped out at some point.

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  P  Amanda Grace  
  P  Fred Stone  
  P  Julie Green  
  IP  Ken Peters  
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Minnesota dairy farmers get a small win in recent trade ruling against Canada | MinnPost - Report Link
Food Industry Insiders Are Warning That Supplies Will Get Even Tighter In The Weeks Ahead - Report Link

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