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Meteor Destruction Of America Print
Posted On January 2nd, 2015
  Status:    Unknown 

This prophecy details a major destruction and splitting of America in half by a huge meteor that will strike just west of Puerto Rico and trigger a massive 12+ earthquake along the New Madrid faultline.  As a result, large swaths of the coastline all along the east and gulf coasts will be inundated with water for up to 150 miles inland in some places.  Others, such as Florida, will be completely wiped off the map by the tsunami and will cease to exist.  There is a video in the teachings section that fully explains this prophecy and many of the related dreams and visions given over the past 70 years about this event.

In the aftermath of this event a massive wave of disease and sickness will spread like wildfire and kill many, many people.  So even if some people survive the initial wave, a massive epidemic will spread across the nation that will kill millions more and further weaken the nation.  Now, one key item to note about this prophecy is that it's conditional.  That means that it may or may not happen depending upon our actions and how we handle Israel.  Namely it centers around our attempts to force Israel to divide Jerusalem and their land.  So at this point we can still escape the fulfillment of this prophecy, but in order to do that we must pray, repent, intercede, stand FIRMLY WITH Israel rather than against it, and we must put pressure on the administration to bless and protect Israel, not harm it, because if we force Israel to divide their land, our land will be divided and great calamity will come upon it.

EDIT (May 30th, 2018): Since I'm not seeing the expected general development of this prophecy as I'm used to seeing, combined with the fact that all of the "prophets" that were talking about this have gone into hiding, disappeared or fallen silent about this prophecy, I'm moving it into an "unknown" state for now.  If nothing else comes up that would make me consider this as still valid (There's actually 3 other modern prophecies right now that, were any one of them to occur, would immediately render this one debunked.  Coincidentally those three DO have movement on them which gives great credibility to their authenticity, unlike this one), then I will eventually mark this one debunked.  But until then it'll remain as "unknown" until I can either find something that gives it more credibility than it does now, thus earning it a place in the "valid" category once again, or simply flat out debunks it.  I should know for certain by the end of summer.

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Last Updated: Thursday, October 15th, 2020 at 2:20pm
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