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Massive Terrorist Slaughter of Americans Print
Posted On November 21st, 2015
  AKA:   American Holocaust, Second 9/11
  Status:   Pending: 6   Fulfilled: 4  

This prophecy entry speaks of a time when terrorist attacks on America will lead to the death and slaughter of many Americans, and others in this nation, on a scale that is unprecedented, leading to many, many deaths.  These deaths will occur in multiple different ways, by bomb, gunfire, nuclear, biological, chemical, and other means.

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  P  Anonymous  
  F  Chris Reed  
  P  Jane Northey  
  P  Julie Green  
  P  Julie Green  
  F  Ken Peters  
  F  Pastor TD Hale  
  P  Rick Joyner  
  Proofs and Fulfillments: (154) 
Biden Admin Evacuated Hundreds on US Watchlist From Afghanistan: Whistleblower - Report Link
Whistleblower: Biden Admin Let Afghans On DoD Watchlist Into US - Report Link
Cleveland cops never checked Muslim applicant’s (ferociously anti-Semitic) social media posts befo... - Report Link
Are US Weapons Supplied To Ukraine Ending Up On DarkNet Marketplaces? | ZeroHedge - Report Link
US amends ban, allowing entry to Iranian former IRGC members - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
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Uvalde police, school district no longer cooperating with Texas probe of shooting: Sources - ABC New... - Report Link
Frightening details emerge about Texas school shooter's rough home life, strange behavior leading up... - Report Link
Uvalde Live Updates: 2 Police Officers Were Reportedly Shot Early in Gunman’s Rampage - The New Yo... - Report Link
Onlookers urged police to charge into Texas elementary school soon after shooting began - Report Link
Texas school shooting 7th deadliest mass shooting in recent US history - Report Link
Mass Shootings in 2022 | Gun Violence Archive - Report Link
14 Dead, Nearly 40 Injured in the Wake of 6 Mass Shootings This Weekend | CBN News - Report Link
Federal, state, local partners to hold 'major radiological incident' exercise in Austin May 16-20 - Report Link
Get out of the City: Dirty Bomb Drills Called "Cobalt Magnet 22" Are Happening Right Now in Texas - Report Link
America's New Terrorist Allies: 'The Mother of all Disasters' :: Gatestone Institute - Report Link

Dozens of potentially dangerous Afghans brought to US, most can't be found: Pentagon audit | America... - Report Link
At Least 50 Afghans with 'Security Concerns' Are in the U.S. – PJ Media - Report Link
Grateful Muslim Refugee Plots to BOMB Pittsburgh Church - Geller Report News - Report Link
Chamber of Commerce Launches Effort to Funnel Afghans into U.S. Jobs - Report Link
‘7 buses loaded with American women all likely dead now’… | Populist Press 2021 © - Report Link
Shocking Report: Military Is Flying TERRORISTS Out of Kabul — and INTO America - The New American - Report Link
Top U.S. Military Official: 'Diversity' Is a Priority amid Afghanistan Evacuation | Neon Nettle - Report Link
EXCLUSIVE: China has Infiltrated the U.S. Military Biodefense Program at Fort Detrick - Report Link
They intend to reduce the population in the USA by 70% and in the UK 80% by 2025 - Report Link
Iranian Militia Group Claims to Have Active Cells in Washington DC: Report - Report Link
Al-Qaeda: ‘Whoever thinks that somebody can stop the imminent collapse of America is mistaken’ - Report Link
Inside America’s Counter-Jihad Covert Border War - Report Link
Tulsi Gabbard: Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is "A Targeting Of Almost Half Of The Country" - CD Media - Report Link
U.S. saw 50% increase in arrests linked to Islamic radicalism in 2019 | Christian Action - Report Link
Alleged Al-Qaeda Terrorist Arrested in Arizona for Murder Charges in Iraq - Report Link
Canada: Dalhousie University to feature infamous convicted jihadi Omar Khadr as keynote speaker - Report Link
New York City: Muslima gets 15 years for planning to build a bomb for a jihad massacre - Report Link
Islamist Caught Plotting to Behead People with Chainsaw in New York | Neon Nettle - Report Link
Connecticut man who allegedly tried joining ISIS is caught: 'I can kill' | Fox News - Report Link
Afghan military trainees in the US keep going AWOL - Report Link

US digs into Saudi shooting suspect motive in Navy shooting - Report Link
ISIS urges followers to 'ignite fires' in forests across US and Europe - Report Link
6 Saudi nationals detained for questioning after NAS Pensacola shooting: official | Fox News - Report Link
Muslim convicted of planting explosives in NYC and NJ claims he shot at cops in self-defense - Report Link
Hezbollah terrorist scouted NYC-area locations: feds - Report Link
"Anti-Muslim" Event At Michigan Church Cancelled Quite Unnecessarily - Report Link
American Airlines mechanic in Miami charged with sabotaging plane before takeoff - Report Link
3,000 Muslim Mosques - 35 Jihadi Terrorist Cell's "Camps" in America! - YouTube - Report Link
Residents of New Mexico Compound Plead Not Guilty to Terror Charges - The New York Times - Report Link
Woman Attacked by Muslims For What She Was Wearing. Look at What They Did To Her - 3% - Report Link
Middle Eastern Terrorism Coming to the US through Its Mexican Border :: Middle East Forum - Report Link
Somali Man Stabs Minneapolis Woman 14 Times - Report Link
ISIS Fighter Affirms What JW Exposed Years Ago-Terrorists Enter U.S. Via Mexico - Judicial Watch - Report Link
WARNING: Islamic State (ISIS) Threat on July 4th - Geller Report News - Report Link
Refugee with DUI Conviction Charged with Killing 5 U.S. Marines, Spouses - Report Link
Illinois: Men convert to Islam, plot jihad mass murder, talk of dropping gays from Sears Tower - Report Link
New Jersey man tried aiding Hamas, threatened to bomb Trump Tower, feds say | Fox News - Report Link
Syrian refugee arrested in plot to bomb Pittsburgh church for ISIS, feds say | Fox News - Report Link
Accidental shooting leads to discovery of pipe bombs in quiet Arizona neighborhood | Fox News Video - Report Link
Man arrested after saying he wanted to throw grenades in Times Square, sources say - ABC News - Report Link

The FBI Has 850 Open Domestic Terrorism Investigations - Defense One - Report Link
FBI uncovers homegrown terror training camp in Alabama - Report Link
Children in Philadelphia Muslim Society Video: 'We Will Chop Off Their Heads for Allah' - Report Link
FBI Arrests Islamist Planning Southern California Terrorist Attack Spree | The Stream - Report Link
FBI Says It Thwarted Planned 'Mass Murder' Terror Attack by War Veteran in Los Angeles - Report Link
Sri Lanka Easter Bombings Death Toll Soars to 290: Linked to Islamist Group - Report Link
Pompeo: Several US Citizens Killed In Sri Lanka Attacks - Conservative Daily News - Report Link
Iranian-Backed 'Sleeper Cell' Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack - Report Link
Maine: Man dies after brutal beating by Muslim migrant mob in Lewiston park - Report Link
Congressional Hearing: Iranian Sleeper Cells Threaten U.S. | Frontpage Mag - Report Link
Two IEDs detonated at Florida mall, No injuries reported. | End Time Headlines - Report Link
Las Vegas shooting: At least 50 dead in massacre Trump calls 'act of pure evil' | Fox News - Report Link
Islamic state claims Las Vegas shooting, says attacker ... - Report Link
Man who infiltrated 'Muslim Mafia' warns of American insurgency - Report Link
Deadly small plane crash in Connecticut appears to be suicide, official says - Report Link
US authorities investigating small plane crash in Connecticut, possible terrorism connection - Report Link
9/11 lawsuits bill causes Saudi Arabia 'great concern' - Report Link
Fatal shooting of black man by El Cajon police sparks outrage, protests - Report Link
Encounter With 'Erratic' Black Man Ends With Officer-Involved Shooting in El Cajon: PD - Report Link
Obama: Why I won't say 'Islamic terrorism' - Report Link

Transcripts of Orlando shooter's conversation with police reveal ISIS influence - Report Link
Isis poses 'sustained' threat to US for years to come despite loss of territory - Report Link
After New York Attack, Congress Wants TSA to Secure Amtrak, Buses - Report Link
Leaked FBI Data Reveal 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA in One Year; Border States Most Targeted - Report Link
Houston shooting: Nine injured, suspect dead - Report Link
FBI: Violent crime across US spiked in 2015, murders up nearly 11 percent - Report Link
U.S. Consulate Warns of Terror Threats Against American Hotels in Turkey - Report Link
8 Shot, Including Toddler, In 'Planned' Baltimore Shooting: Cops - Report Link
Chelsea bombing suspect spent weeks at Islamist seminary in Pakistan - Report Link
Mall shooting suspect was 'zombie-like' when arrested, officials say - Report Link
NY town mourns 4 murdered teens, and some blame federal immigration policy - Report Link
Known wolves: Several terrorists were under investigation before they attacked - Report Link
ISIS believed to have attacked US base in Iraq with chemical agent - Report Link
Bombing suspect's father says he called FBI on his violent son 2 years ago - Report Link
Ahmad Rahami's Capture: More Than 8,000 Cameras Helped Snare Bomb Suspect - Report Link
Cellphone Alerts Used in New York to Search for Bombing Suspect - Report Link
Terror Threat Clash: Trump, Clinton accuse each other of boosting enemy - Report Link
Three teror attacks this weekend but Obama, Clinton stick with PC script about migrant terror threat - Report Link
New York Bombs Filled With Explosives, Shrapnel - Report Link
'An Act of Terrorism': Investigators Hunting for Clues in NYC Bomb That Injured 29 - Report Link

Clinton condemns spate of 'apparent terrorist attacks' - Report Link
FBI investigates Minnesota stabbings as possible terror act - Report Link
Obama urges unity on eve of 9/11 anniversary - Report Link
9/11: United States marks 15th anniversary of terror attacks - Report Link
Suspect aimed to create ISIS sleeper cell, was connected to Texas attackers, feds say - Report Link
Muslims Face Alarming Pattern of Being Cast as Un-American - Report Link
CIA Director Brennan Says Istanbul Bombings Should Serve as Warning to U.S. - Report Link
Donald Trump calls profiling Muslims 'common sense' - Report Link
Omar Mateen warned of future attacks in calls to police during Orlando shooting - Report Link
Why the 'lone-wolf' terrorist is a myth - Report Link
Gun Shop Owner: AR-15's Flying Off Shelves at $500 a Pop - Report Link
McCain: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando shooting - Report Link
In Wake of 'Jihadist' Orlando Massacre, US Pundits Urge America to Learn From Israel - Report Link
Craigslist ad threatens Orlando-style massacre in San Diego - Report Link
Ultimate sleeper cell: U.S.-born kids of immigrants are fertile jihadist recruiting grounds - Report Link
Obama admin waives privacy law after Orlando massacre - Report Link
Bolton: 'Lone wolves' are in contact with ISIS - Report Link
Orlando Nightclub Gunman Scouted Walt Disney World as Potential Target: Source - Report Link
Orlando gunman had used gay dating app and visited LGBT nightclub on other occasions, witnesses say - Report Link
The Orlando Attack Cannot Silence LGBT Pride - Report Link

Arab countries denounce Orlando shooting while upholding death penalties from LGBT members - Report Link
Orlando shooting: world pays tribute to victims with vigils and rainbow flags - Report Link
Ex-wife's bombshell claim: Club shooter was gay - Report Link
Sen. Jeff Sessions Warns: More 'Islamic Extremism' Attacks Are Coming - Report Link
PM, president extend condolences to US after Orlando massacre - Report Link
Orlando shooting: Facebook turns on 'Safety Check' for first time in US - Report Link
Former FBI Agent: ISIS Kill List Includes Hundreds Of Florida Residents - Report Link
Trump demands Obama resign for failing to link Orlando massacre to radical Islam - Report Link
Has ISIS Infiltrated Homeland Security? Orlando Terrorist Worked for Major DHS Contractor - Report Link
Islamic State: Orlando shooter 'one of our soldiers in America' - Report Link
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Orlando Nightclub Attack That Left 50 Dead - Report Link
State Department Issues New Terror Travel Alert for Europe - Report Link
Airport Security Delays Won't End Soon, T.S.A. Chief Says - Report Link
T.S.A. Replaces Security Chief as Tension Grows at Airports and Agency - Report Link
U.S. airlines forecast busy summer travel, warn of longer lines - Report Link
Al Qaeda's online magazine tells terrorists to target U.S. business leaders in their homes - Report Link
Pentagon on alert after names of American generals appear on ISIS 'hit-list' - Report Link
"We Want Them Dead" - ISIS Releases "Hit List" Of 3,600 New Yorkers - Report Link
Obama breaks promise to call Armenian killings 'genocide' - Report Link
C.I.A. to Pay Death Benefits to Relatives of Terror Victims - Report Link

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Last Updated: Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 at 9:32am
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