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Election Integrity Will Be Restored Print
Posted On March 11th, 2022
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This prophecy speaks of a restoration of elections in the United States, and around the world (although probably not in every nation, but certainly the majority), that will restore fairness, integrity, honesty, accountability, and more to every election, from the tiniest, most local of elections, all the way up to the President, Premier, Chancellor, and other similar top elected officials, and everyone in between.  This will also include removing those who are currently either wrongfully, illegally, or improperly installed in those positions, and replacing them with the leaders God desires to be there to lead their respective jurisdictions.

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Public Has Right to View Anonymous Voted Ballots Without Delay: Texas AG - Report Link
TikTok's 'Elections Center' Is A Massive Threat To National Security - Report Link
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U.S. Election Software Company Previously Built Confucius Institute 'Communication Platform' - Report Link
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Supreme Court upholds voter ID law - Report Link
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[Premiering 5/13 at 1PM ET] Obama-Affiliated NGOs Poured Billions Into ‘Local Insurgencies’ To S... - Report Link
Democrat official indicted for 82 vote-fraud felonies - Report Link
Judge Bars Colorado Clerk From Overseeing Upcoming Elections - Report Link
Michigan police seize voting machine in investigation of 2020 election - Report Link
To Ensure Trust in 2024 Election, Re-Register All Voters After Midterms, Says Fraud-Tracker - Report Link
“You Can Never Think to the Future Until We Solve the Past, Because It Will Just Happen Again.” ... - Report Link
New Mexico Finds Errors in Dominion Voting Machine Software Similar to Recent Issues Identified in T... - Report Link
Kari Lake files injunction to STOP voting machines in Arizona - Report Link
REMINDER: Voting Machine Systems Include a 'Weighted Race' Feature that Allows for Vote Transfers Be... - Report Link
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Montana's Suspicious 2020 Election Irregularities Are Still Unaddressed - Report Link
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Zuckerberg 'surrenders' after debut of 'Rigged' election film - Report Link
18-month, data-driven probe concludes 2020 election was stolen - Report Link
2,000 Mules Will Blow The Lid Off of A Massive Nationwide Criminal RICO Conspiracy - Report Link
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Thanks to Speaker Vos's Solid Backing, Drop Boxes Were Allowed in Wisconsin in 2020 - Report Link
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Corrupt DOJ now threatening PRISON TIME for anyone organizing audits of elections – - Report Link
New Evidence Shows Over 10,300 Illegal Votes Cast In Georgia: Report – Daily Report USA - Report Link
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DOJ Warns States Not To Pursue Their Own Arizona-Style Election Audits | Conservative Brief - Report Link
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Analysis of Ballot Images Shows ‘Massive Errors,’ Says Georgia Election Integrity Group - Report Link
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Military Intelligence Proves Stolen Election In Multiple States - Report Link
Fraud Vitiates Everything! Q: Conspiracy No More! Decertify AZ+GA! Conduct New Elections! Buckle Up! - Report Link
NC Republicans Pushing to Audit Voting Machines for Illegal Modems - Report Link
AZ Senators Ask Attorney General For Help After Maricopa County Releases Statement Condemning Audit - Report Link
BREAKING: Election Security Breach in Arizona Being Hidden from Americans - Report Link
More Proof that State Election Officials Betrayed Trump & Election - Report Link
Stolen USB Drives for Voting Machines Used to Change Votes, President Trump Right Again! - Report Link
Arizona GOP Moves Election-Related Powers From Democrat SOS to Republican AG | - Report Link
Over 500 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending in Texas Courts: Attorney General - Report Link
Judge allows Georgia ballot review case to proceed for now - The San Diego Union-Tribune - Report Link
Col. Phil Waldron and Russ Ramsland on the AZ audit & new audits in multiple states - YouTube - Report Link

Incoming Tsunami of Voter Fraud Evidence From Fulton County, Georgia - The True Reporter - Report Link
Georgia, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada Delegates Tour Maricopa Audit Floor - Report Link
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GOP Chair Elise Stefanik: Justice Department Is ‘Trying to Block’ Maricopa County Audit - Report Link
Breaking: Developing Story Involving Voter Irregularities | News Pushed - Report Link
'Significant Discrepancies' Found in the Number of Ballots Counted During the Arizona Audit - Report Link
THIS IS BIG: US Census Bureau Confirms HUGE CONFLICT in Total Number of Voters in 2020 Election - Report Link
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Top private law firms plan 'SWAT teams' to fight voting laws in court - Report Link
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Election Fraud Prosecution at an ‘All-Time High’: Texas Attorney General’s Office - Report Link
Wyoming Legislature Approves Voter ID Bill - Report Link
TX Senate Passes Integrity Measure to Make It 'Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat' - Report Link
Whopping Irregularities 'Could Have Easily Swung' Elections: Alarming Audit Results in Montana - Report Link

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