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A volcano will become active and erupt in the U.S. again. Print
Posted On March 4th, 2015
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This entry speaks of a volcano that will erupt again and become active in the USA.  While a few names have been suggested, the most likely candidate seems to be Mt. Rainier, and several prophetical sources have specifically identified it as the guilty party.  There also seems to be some disagreement on how many volcanoes will erupt, all of them agree that when it occurs it will be on dry land and somewhere in the contiguous 48 states.  So Alaska, Hawaii or anything off shore does not count for or against this prophecy.  The point at which this prophecy can be considered fulfilled will be when at least one volcano erupts on the mainland.  If two or more do, then it'll meet the criteria set down by other prophetical voices listed here.

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  Keywords:   Volcano, Eruption, Disaster, Destruction, Mass Death
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