Prophecy:   The Remaking of the Media

 Name:   Mark Taylor

 Source URL:   Click to View

 Type:   Prophecy  

 Status:    In Progress  

"The Spirit of God says, "Where are my billionaires and millionaires? Why are you not buying out these news outlets and taking control? That money I gave you was for my kingdom, to advance my kingdom in all areas of influence. Now is the time to move into my news media! I will now take back what belongs to me using my Army and the finances I have given them. Rise up my Army and take back my news media so the spirit of truth will begin to flow. This is a fight the enemy does not want to see, he has held this stronghold for too long and his time is up. Take this fight to the enemy and my Army will be victorious and my media will be brought back to me."
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