Ed Amos
Posted On November 14th, 2018


I have always been a truth seeker as long as I can remember. When I was 7 years old and in elementary school a program called “Weekday Religious Education” was made available to the elementary school students. It was of course voluntary and I volunteered every year it was offered all through elementary school.  In high school, I dated a Baptist minister’s daughter from my freshman year through my senior year attending her father’s church usually twice a week.

After high school I continued to seek a personal relationship with God through various groups and churches I attended.  I have had some ups and downs in my quest like many others but I would always come back to seeking God’s truth wherever I could find it. This has led to some controversies etc., but over the years my Heavenly Father has always been with me showing me His ways. It has been exciting, eventful, and at times very difficult but in the long run very worth it. For the prize is the greatest known to mankind…. A personal relationship with the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching, insight and unfolding of many truths contained in His word.

Now as we begin to wrap things up here on planet earth, the unfolding of His plan of the ages is being revealed.

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