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Russia, Ukraine and the Oil Wars Print
Posted On March 4th, 2015
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According to this prophecy Russia will try to take control of Ukraine and continue to give Iran weapons to further ignite the wars in the middle east with the eventual goal of seizing control of ALL middle eastern oil.  They are doing this because Russia needs the oil to rebuild itself once again as a new mother Russia.  Because of this, the price of oil and gas will eventually explode setting in motion another prophecy regarding the soon coming worldwide economic collapse.

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  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Amanda Grace  
  F  Charles Shamp  
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  IP  Kim Clement  
  IP  Robin Bullock  
  IP  Timothy Dixon  
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Russia’s Oil Output Falters After Summer Rebound - The Moscow Times - Report Link
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Russian businessman with links to gas giant Gazprom mysteriously found dead - report - Insider Paper - Report Link
Russian executive linked to energy giant Gazprom found shot dead | Daily Mail Online - Report Link
Ron Paul: Biden's Sanctions Are A Windfall For Russia, Foreign Policy Fail | ZeroHedge - Report Link
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Russia seizes control of Sakhalin gas project, raises stakes with West - Report Link
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Putin pushes toward Russia, Belarus unifying after NATO expansion | Fox News - Report Link
UA: Claims Azov Battalion Murdered Americans Fighting With Them, Burnt Bodies To Hide Involvement - Report Link
Oil Prices Seen up 22% As Europe Eyes Crude-to-Gas Switch Amid Russia Cutoff - Report Link
African and Middle Eastern leaders press Ukraine for peace deal has hunger crisis looms | Daily Mail... - Report Link
NATO to boost troops on high alert sevenfold in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine - ABC News - Report Link
CIA Spies Are In Ukraine Running War - YouTube - Report Link
The old world is over: Key takeaways from Putin's first major speech since Russia's military offensi... - Report Link
Supplying Any Weaponry and Funds to Azov Is Prohibited by Law - Report Link
Now Russia threatens Poland: Putin kills 80 Polish fighters in 'precision strikes' in east Ukraine |... - Report Link
Even the UK’s Sky News is Reporting on the Ukrainian Debacle in the Donbas - Report Link

Ukraine accuses Russia of bringing Belarus into war after missile launches from northern neighbor | ... - Report Link
Russian navy ordered to lay mines at Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, says US | Ukraine | The Guardian - Report Link
Ukraine orders retreat from strategic Donbas town as Russia advances | Just The News - Report Link
German TV Guest Tells TRUTH About The Ukraine War - YouTube - Report Link
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Russia-Ukraine war could last for years, say western leaders | Ukraine | The Guardian - Report Link
Russia troops on brink of 'deep freeze' as Putin's to halt advance 'They'll be exhausted' | World | ... - Report Link
Live Updates: Destruction of Last Bridge Deepens Ukraine’s Challenges in Sievierodonetsk - The New... - Report Link
KRG says ‘no court’ authorized to invalidate oil,... | - Report Link
Kyiv suspends exports of Ukrainian gas, coal and fuel oil - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
Russia likely to seize control of eastern Ukrainian region within weeks, US official says | Stars an... - Report Link
Ukraine 'may be East Asia tomorrow': Japan | PerthNow - Report Link
Ousted Ukrainian Official Breaks Silence, Admits She Lied About Mass Rape By Russians To Garner More... - Report Link
Ukraine on ‘Cusp of Retreat’ in Key City as Russia Closes in on ‘Entire Luhansk Region’ - Re... - Report Link
Live Updates: Britain Offers Long-Range Weapons to Ukraine, as Russian Artillery Hammers East - The ... - Report Link
Energy trader: US may let sanctioned Iranian oil onto market without nuclear deal | The Times of Isr... - Report Link
U.S. Officials Admit They Have Lied About Ukraine Success and Russian Failures - Report Link
Russia Warns of 'Horsemen of the Apocalypse' as Ukraine War Hits 100 Days - Report Link
NATO’s Mission Imperative: Break Russia Even If Millions Worldwide Perish | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Russian Oil Producers Stay One Step Ahead of Sanctions - WSJ - Report Link

China boosts energy imports from Russia — RT Business News - Report Link
Belarus stages troops near Ukraine, complicating Kyiv's strategy: U.K. intelligence - Washington Tim... - Report Link
Europe Natural Gas Prices Drop as EU Drafts Plan for Russian Payments - Bloomberg - Report Link
Russia Says to Cut Electricity to Finland From Saturday - The Moscow Times - Report Link
Russian lawmaker warns Poland is next in line for 'denazification after Ukraine' | Fox News - Report Link
JUST IN - Russia's State Duma Deputy Proposed to Put "Poland Next in Line for ... - Latest Tweet by ... - Report Link
Russia has signaled intent to end 'current phase' of invasion, cut losses with Kherson referendum: e... - Report Link
Putin Skips 'Beloved' Hockey Game, Seen With Mystery Face 'Blotches' Afterward – RedState - Report Link
Report: Putin planning to declare war next week | Israel National News - Arutz Sheva - Report Link
Putin leading Russia to 'total collapse' and 'civil war' as Chechens eye power grab | World | News |... - Report Link
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Ukraine Now Admits ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ Was ‘Essential’ Propaganda to Boost Morale. - Report Link
Russia just told truth about Ukraine and it's SCARY | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris - YouT... - Report Link
India and China offer Putin lifeline as US and UK gas companies REPLACED in major pipeline | Science... - Report Link
Ukraine war: The West is united for now - but what if it splits? - BBC News - Report Link
Russia’s war in Ukraine threatens to spill over in dangerous new phase | Ukraine | The Guardian - Report Link
Russia to suspend gas supplies to Poland - BBC News - Report Link
This news shaken the World: US aircraft flew over the sinking Russian flagship! - YouTube - Report Link
SpaceX shut down a Russian electromagnetic warfare attack in Ukraine last month — and the Pentagon... - Report Link
Ukraine should not be offered EU membership - Austria foreign minister - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link

Video of Russia's Vladimir Putin heightens sickness theories - Report Link
Ukrainian Military Ordered to Kill Civilians - Report Link
Czech Republic becomes first Nato country to send tanks to Ukraine | The Independent - Report Link
Ukraine Identifies 600 Sites Quietly Compromised by China Just Days Before the Invasion - Report Link
Ukraine says Russia 'verbally' agreed to its proposals, except on Crimea | The Times of Israel - Report Link
Red Cross tries to reach besieged Mariupol as Russia retreats from northern Ukraine | The Times of I... - Report Link
Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments To Europe Via Critical Pipeline | ZeroHedge - Report Link
Putin Accompanied by Doctors, Thyroid Cancer Surgeon on Sochi Trips – Report - The Moscow Times - Report Link
Ukraine Conflict May Answer Ominous...:: By John Hamilton - Rapture Ready - Report Link
Russia reframes war goals as Ukrainians advance near Kyiv | Reuters - Report Link
Russia to accept #Bitcoin as payment for energy exports, says Pavel Zavalny, Chairman of the Energy ... - Report Link
Biden: Our Iran-deal partner might just drop chemical weapons on Ukrainians, you know – HotAir - Report Link
Glenn Beck Presents: Ukraine: The Final Piece | Glenn TV - Report Link
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Belarus Withdraws Ambassador as Ukraine Warns of Impending Attack From Belarus – RedState - Report Link
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Zelensky aide says 6 Russian generals, dozens of senior officers killed during invasion | The Times ... - Report Link
Ukraine's Road to Candidacy: Details of the Commission Plan to Move Ukraine Closer to the EU | Europ... - Report Link
Largest Deployment of US Armaments Since Cold War Arrives in Germany - YouTube - Report Link
Fifth of Russian invasion force dead, injured or captured - US intelligence | World | News | Express... - Report Link

Syria to supply Russia with 40,000 mercenaries - Ukrainian Defense Min. - The Jerusalem Post - Report Link
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Statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in connection with the statem... - Report Link
Both Russia and the West are sacrificing Ukraine’s people like pawns - LifeSite - Report Link
Jack Posobiec: China watching every move on Russia-Ukraine War, see U.S. “powerless” to defend ... - Report Link
'Some Kind of Lightning Shooting from the Sky': Ukrainians Tell Stories of Divine Intervention from ... - Report Link
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Russian tanks filmed entering Ukraine's capital Kyiv - BBC News - YouTube - Report Link
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US State Department busted fabricating false flag in Ukraine - YouTube - Report Link
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Panic rumors fly as Pence cancels trip after Russian sub accident - RT USA News - Report Link
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Russia Could Take Hold Of China's Entire Gas Market - Report Link
Russian Northern Fleet landing ships trained to lay mines in Barents Sea - Report Link
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At U.N., U.S. warns Russia over 'outrageous' violation of Ukraine sovereignty | Reuters - Report Link
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Russian ship rammed, many sailors injured (video /text in russian) - Report Link
8 Nations Including India, China, Russia Take Part In Military Drill In Russia | ABP News - YouTube - Report Link
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Saudis and Russia agree oil output freeze, Iran still an obstacle - Report Link
Oil powers fly to Doha for private pow-wow as $30 crude woes mount - Report Link
Russia-Ukraine road blockades hit trade - Report Link
Russia warns of new Cold War as east Ukraine violence surges - Report Link
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Iran Hands Over Stockpile of Enriched Uranium to Russia - Report Link
Ukraine Defaults on $3 Billion Bond to Russia - Report Link
Ex-CIA chief: Fear for environment stays US hand on ISIS oil wells - Report Link
U.S. and Russia trade accusations at U.N. over Ukraine conflict - Report Link
OPEC decision to keep output high pulls oil prices close to 2015 lows - Report Link
Russia causing 'environmental disaster' in Ukraine: Poroshenko - Report Link
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NATO kicks off naval drills in Black Sea with Ukraine — RT News - Report Link
Higher prices dent Putin's sky-high popularity: paper - Report Link
Russia 'sends more troops to eastern Ukraine' as leaders get together for crisis summit - Report Link
Amid Tensions With Russia, U.S. to Deploy F-22 Fighter Jets to Europe - Report Link

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