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God Will Anoint Judges to Bring Justice, and Remove Corrupt Judges Print
Posted On March 22nd, 2021
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The basic gist of this is that God is calling 300 high court judges around the nation to bring justice and righteousness to this nation.  Most of this 300 He will pick will bow the knee and will go after all the high crimes in this nation, and bring them to justice.  A few of these judges will not, and they will be removed.  I don't have much more info beyond that, but that's basically what this is about.  And this is separate from Trump did during his 4 years.  He focused on filling vacancies, whereas God will take 300 already seated judges, and call them to serve Him and bring righteousness on this nation, and those that will not will be removed.  No word on whether the ones that get removed will be replaced, but they likely will.

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  Supporting Verses:   Isaiah 1:26
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