The Judgment of the Educational System
Posted On November 17th, 2019
  AKA:   The Death of Colleges, The Collapse of Higher Education, The Judgment of Colleges and Higher Education
  Status:   Pending: 1   In Progress: 7   Fulfilled: 2  

This prophecy speaks of the collapse, and judgment of the educational institutions of this nation (USA) and the world as a whole.  This includes not just colleges and universities, but also K12 education, with a shift away from the mainstream classical federal/state education systems, of whom teach a wide variety of anti-freedom, and anti-God ideologies and doctrines.  All of those will fall, and be replaced by Godly, Christ centered, pro-nationalistic, pro-family teaching that properly educates children, and young adults, rather than indoctrinating them.  There is also discussion of the collapse of student loans as they are predatory in nature.

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  IP  Amanda Grace (3) 
  IP  Amanda Grace (92) 
  IP  Jeremiah Johnson (11) 
  F  Julie Green (6) 
  IP  Julie Green (179) 
  F  Julie Green (3) 
  IP  Kent Christmas (50) 
  IP  Kent Christmas (228) 
  IP  Kent Christmas (16) 
  P  Tim Sheets  
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